Code Geass R2 Episode 25 Summary

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I’ve decided to write a episode review for the LAST episode of Code Geass. The ending is sort of predictable, but then it was quite good. ^~^ Better than some other animes.

Warning: Spoilers ahead! (Isn’t it obvious spoilers will be in episode summaries?)

Episode summary:

Your brother is doing all this for you, ungrateful child.

Your brother is doing all this for you, you ungrateful child.

Kallen and Suzaku are fighting with their Knightmares while Nunnali and Lelouch fights over the Damocles. Lelouch resorts in using his Geass because he has physically underwhelming strength and cannot win against a defenceless, wheelchair-bound little girl. As Lelouch walks away with the key in his hand, Nunnali tries to chase after him but falls of her wheelchair. She is left struggling. -Evil laughter- Serves her right.

In anime, girls get white hair natuarlly, not due to stress.

In anime, girls get white hair naturally, not due to stress.

There’s heaps of tears and ‘why?!’ scenes. Kallen beats Suzaku and he dies. (Kinda predictable…) C.C miracously comes out from the sea. Xing ke, I think, dies. (He WAS coughing blood.)

How many lanes are there on the road? 0.o

How many lanes are there on the road? 0.o

With Damocles under Lelouch’s control, Lelouch declares himself king (once again.) There is a time skip, showing two months later where he is parading across a street.

The cloak seems to have a life of it's own.

The cloak seems to have a life of it's own.

Zero is back! He finds a lance/sword and runs Lelouch through it. Blood splurts, staining all Lelouch’s clothes before he dies. The crowd goes wild. As Zero pulls the sword lance thing out of Lelouch, Lelouch tumbles down to where Nunnali is. Nunnali touches Lelouch’s hand and FINALLY realizes that Lelouch’s real aim was not to take over the world and enslave people; it was for world peace.

The lighting and shading gives it the dramatic effect.

The lighting and shading gives it the dramatic effect.

Predictably, Zero is actually Suzaku in disguise, presumably back from the dead (Code Geass characters don’t seem to stay dead.) Lelouch’s passes the Zero legacy to Suzaku claiming that it’s his punishment. The world assemblies with Zero and is peaceful, all according to Lelouch’s plan.

A big happy family... Until Nunnali becomes corrupt with power.

A big happy family... Until Nunnali becomes corrupt with power.

The final scenes show of Kallen being a normal school girl, Villeta is really pregnant. Orange-kun and Anya become orange pickers (WTF) And C.C roaming the country side. Nunnali is the ruler of the world?

Screencaps- and superfluous comments.

If he isn't Lelouch, then he takes up way too much screen time.

If he isn't Lelouch; then he takes up way too much screen time.

I really think that Lelouch is still alive, really. This is not denial. I mean such a great character couldn’t possibly willingly die like that… Surprising i didn’t even feel sad when he died. I expected something more… Dramatic and tragic. Does anyone think that the cart driver is in fact Lelouch that somehow managed to survive being kebab ed right through? I mean it’s not too far-fetched, Cornelia survived after being gunned down and Sayako and Nunnali escaped the explosion. Not to mention Guildford…

What is Nunnali's crane doing there?

What is Nunnali's crane doing there?

Orange-kun picking oranges...

Orange-kun picking oranges...

Nunnali's eyes take up 60% of her face. She looked better when she was blind.

Nunnali's eyes take up 40% of her face, she looked better blind.

Final words-

This series was really good, well apart from some superfluous side characters and everyone dying in the end. Yeah, this anime gives you great morales like looking forward towards tomorrow, and show the perfect example of a Byronic character (Lelouch) with a tragic ending. To me Lelouch is the most sucessful character in all of anime. He kept his aim true throughout the series. Unlike Kira in Death Note he did not get side-tracked (Kira orginally wanted a perfect world without crimes and lies, then somehow in the end he wanted to be God himself. Tut tut.) Lelouch did not become the demon-king as i have had imagined and he did not lose ALL of his friends. He managed to give the world peace sucessfully and so he won. I was kind of disappointed when we never got told C.C’s real name and what her real wish was. But i think it was implied when Lelouch was handing the mask over Suzaku.



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  1. nice summary but where are you getting that Kallen defeated Suzaku? it was a draw and she got the short end of that stick.

    the Guren was disable and it went down first along with Kallen. she couldn’t continue. Suzaku was able to escape his Lancelot while Kallen needed help to survive.

    it was a draw, both machines were stopped…but Suzaku didnt needed help to survive and Kallen did, she needed Gino.

    also Suzaku decided to take the final blow since he had to fake his death for Zero R.

  2. Speculation of Lelouch’s survival has certainly run rampant in various blogs I’ve encountered. The only thing I can think of that could possibly support his survival is the sudden memory flashback that Nunnally experienced when she touched Lelouch’s hand. It reminds me of a similar incident between C2 and Suzaku during the first season episodes. So far, no Geass-possessing character has demonstrated this particular event. From what is known about C2 is that she’s immortal. Well, if you put one and one together, you can further surmise that Lelouch has also become immortal. But then this raises additional questions: How and when did he become immortal? He certainly didn’t obtain immortality from Emperor Charles–otherwise, Lelouch would not have been able to use his Geass during his proclamation as the 99th Emperor.

    I really enjoyed this anime series and would look forward to a follow-up episode or season. However, I would also understand why the creator might not want to. Another season might dilute its emotional momentum. R2 did, after all, end at a high note.

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