Nabari no Ou 隠の王

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Though i’ve watched this quite a while ago, i decided to review the series.

This anime is really cute and funny. It is about ninja’s, though it maybe in the same genre as Naruto, it’s nothing like it. The protagonist; Rokujo Miharu holds a secret hijitsu (techinque) inside of him. Most of the ninjas are seeking for it because the one who possesses it can control the world.

Episodes- I think they plan to make about 26

Theme songs-

Opening- Crawl; by Veltpunch

Ending- Hikari; by Eliza

Rating- 7/10 It’s not THAT good but it’s interesting.

Genre- Shounen, Ninja, comedy


Rokujo Miharu

An apathetic child by nature who is orphaned, he resides with his aunt. Miharu seems not not remember his past and is unmotivated in anything in his life. He is the current container of the Hijitsu, causing people to seek and crush him.

Thobari Kumohira

The English teacher of Miharu, likes to smoke and is from the Banten village. Thobari seems to know of Miharu’s past and seems to want it concealed. He has a phobia on going on moving vehicles (LOL) and was immigrated from Ireland, forcefully.

Aizawa Kouichi

A peer of Miharu who is studying ninjitsu under Thobari, though he seems to be the average Joe there is more than what meets the eye.

Raimei Shimizu

Her story is like the Uchiha massacre, her older brother kills the whole clan, flying off without another word. Raimei claims herself as a samurai and fights with a long katana.


An abused child that was rescued by Kouga, he has a special and unbeatable ability, however he has to shorten his life in exchange. Yoite is the stoic type.

Looking forward to see what happens i hope it’s not one of those animes where everyone dies in the end and leaves everything open. >_<


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