Vampire Knight Guilty- Episode 1

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After months of waiting, the first episode of the second season of vampire knight has come out! The episode was interesting, and I think my neighbors are going to kill me if they hear me fan girl scream again. It’s not my fault though, for some reason the animation looks even better than the first season.

You can watch online and download VKG on the link below.

When I downloaded the episode on vampire knight heaven, the subtitles were out of timing and half way through they disappeared, I’m not sure whether it’s the file’s fault or my computer.

But then I downloaded it from the so it’s all good. :3

For some reason I really dislike Yuuki, ( I may diss her in my reviews) to me, she’s really Mary-Sue-ish and I wish she could just hurry up and choose the one she wants. (That way I can nab the other one. >_<)


Rabid fan girls are on the loose!

Rabid fan girls are on the loose!

In the first scene (as always in Shojou animes) a crowd of fan girls are screaming as the Night Class. Somehow Yuuki gets pushed down and is about to fall… Until someone catches her, she immediately stands up and apologies to Kaname without looking. It turns out to be Zero. T_T

Their chins are drawn so pointy, they could impale someone.

Their chins are drawn so pointily, they could impale someone.

Later on at night when Yuuki and Zero are patroling the school grounds, Yuuki offers blood to Zero but he declines and walks off in a huff. Yuuki follows him, I’d like to think Yuuki was confessing to Zero when she cluthes him arm. Zero asks Yuuki what she thinks of him, but then is interrupted by their ‘father’.

Stalker #12154312321

Stalker #12,154,312,321

Maria, the one who gave her body as a vessel for Shizuka had awoken. She explains that Shizuka was allowed to take her body if she cured Maria from her sickness.

Evil Kouya

Evil Kouya

Yuuki is sent out of the room and she walks out into the cold dark night and Yuuki gets surrounded from people from the vampire council, claiming to see Zero. He attacks her but Zero (predictably) saves her.

Ever heard of a nail clipper?

Ever heard of a nail clipper?

The vampire council representative says that Zero is under arrest for killing Shizuka. Zero kills him and discovers that he is stronger than before. As he kills him more vampire members come. Just then the vampires from the night class comes to the rescue. Kaname (who in my opinion abuses his authority) sends them away.



Kaname goes over and tries to touch Yuuki on the face, but then she backs away. Yuuki is angry with the fact that Kaname and says that she won’t speak to him until he testifies that Zero didn’t kill Shizuka.



Later in the night, Zero was about to go into the shower, but then he saw Yuuki’s towel and decided to lie on the couch and take a nap. During this nap, he had a nightmare where he saw Shizuka smeared with blood, then she transformed into Yuuki who faints into Zero’s arms. Zero wakes up screaming Yuuki’s name, he finds that Yuuki is safe and currently drying her hair with a towel. Zero hugs Yuuki fiercely saying how glad he was to see her safe. They were about to kiss, but then Zero restrained. T_T

I wonder why…

Screencaps and ramblings-

 I like the color of his eyes.

I like the color of his eyes. >_<

0_0 Big eyes...

0_0 Big eyes...

<Insert fan girl squeal>

<Insert fan girl scream>

Is anyone getting jealous of Yuuki here?

Is anyone getting jealous of Yuuki here?

Overgrown fringe OTL

Overgrown fringe OTL

The new Sharingan

The new Sharingan.

Can't get enough of his smug smile.

Can't get enough of his smug smile.

Slut much?

Slut much?

Exams are just around the corner… I nearly need to stop procastinating and start studying… Which comes after anime and drama of course.



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  1. You just described the episode of the series…I think.
    I have yet to see the first episode of season 2, but I’m pretty sure you described 1…Unles I’ve seen the first episode of 2 without even knowing it. >.<
    Oh god, now I’m confused…

  2. The episode that I did a review on is episode one of the second season. I think you saw the first episode of season 2 without realizing it. šŸ˜€ I do that all the time. >_<

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