Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 2

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Rolo II

Rolo II

It takes so long for VKG to be subbed! -Sighs- In this episode I’m getting fed up with Yuuki with her playing around with the two protagonists, just choose Zero or Kaname! She’s even more Mary-Sue than before. Frankly I’m disappointed, when i heard the ending song I realised I learnt nothing in this episode. Ah well, maybe this episode leads up to the next one.


What do vampires drink? >_<

What do vampires drink? >_<

Yuuki and her friend is walking back to their school when a lost child comes and asks Yuuki to find his mum for her. Not at all suspicious with the fact that the little boy has mismatched eyes or the fact that he brings her to an old abandoned building she accompanies him. The little boy turns around kisses her on the cheek as a ‘thank you’ and leaves her fainting on the ground.

So cool <3

So cool ❤

Yuuki regains consciousness and finds that Kaname is next to her. It turns out that there will be a vampire banquet that was going to held that evening. Kaname tells her to stay in the room until he comes back. The ‘lost child’ comes back and apologises. Yuuki wanders into the hallway and watches as everyone (with the exception of Zero) bows. Hanabusa’s dad asks Kaname to marry his daughter soon other families asks Kaname to consider their child. (I wonder if anyone with only a male child asked…) Kaname is left being crowed while Yuuki oversees this and feels sad?



Kaname sees Yuuki coming out of the room and decides to ‘punish her’ she picks her up on the couch lies on top of her. (By this time my facial expression was 0-0) He listens to her heartbeat. Yuuki suddenly cries and says random stuff about how they used to be this close and how they are ‘that’ far apart. Then Kaname becomes ‘aroused’ and he went into a full vampire mode and was about to bite Yuuki. He asked Yuuki if she wanted to be one and she accepted while still crying. Kaname thought the tears that Yuuki cried was from fear and stopped, claiming that he would never hurt her…

This reminded me of Orochimaru <_>

This reminds me of Orochimaru <_>

Zero’s twin randomly shows up saying that he’s part of the council and asks Zero if he had ever heard of the Twin’s Curse. Then he leaves.

Screencaps and thoughts….

Love this couple... I don't even know who they are!

Love this couple... I don't even know who they are!



Didn't that look a teensy bit suspicious to Cross?

Didn't that look a teensy bit suspicious to you Cross?

Akatsuki is so blunt XD

Akatsuki is so blunt XD

Mozart in the background?

Seemingly alone, but have no fear, there is a chaperon. If you look closely Mozart is there.


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