Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 3

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This episode seems to be a flash back of Hanabusa’s past and a bit of Kaname’s too.

I am obsessed with the Shiki and Rima pairing ( I think those are their names???) And I love the colour of Hanabusa’s eyes. 🙂


Smexy eyes <3

Smexy eyes ❤

Five vampires, (I STILL don’t know their names) head off on holiday to Hanabusa’s house, without Hanabusa. Shiki doesn’t go cause he has to see to his mother. T_T

There is a flashback on Hanabusa asking Akatsuki to research Kaname’s past.

Tamaki in Ouran...

Tamaki in Ouran...

Hanabusa sneaks into the ‘normal people’s dorms’ to find Zero but is caught by Yuuki. He comes into their room/house uninvited and eats dinner (he eats their portions so they have to cook again.) X) Apparently it was because he was in a lot of stress, but i think otherwise. He’s a growing boy afterall.



Hanabusa takes a bath (which has rose petals it for some reason) and reminisces his past. The first time he meets Kaname. I laughed so hard in this scene.

Kaname: I am Kuran Kaname, will you become my friend?

Hanabusa: No.

Talk about getting rejected… Well continuing on…

Doesn't the woman on the left look a lot like Yuuki?

Doesn't the woman look like Yuuki to you?

After this meeting, Hanabusa next sees Kaname at the night banquet a few years later when Kaname’s parents have died. Hanabusa is highly suspicious when he is told that both of his parents had committed suicide.

Mother-son bonding?

Mother-son bonding?

Shiki visits his mother who is an actress, she seems to be in poor health as in mentally unhealthy. She claims that Shiki is looking more and more like his father.


I lub you!

I lub you!

Stereotypical Butler

Stereotypical Butler

Happy Halloween?

Happy Halloween?

Chubby <3

Chubby ❤

Rima is so cool

Rima is so cool.



The Pocky sharing relationship continues

The Pocky sharing relationship continues. :3

I’ve realised that most of my pictures consists of Hanabusa, and for once, no Yuuki! Woop! Can’t wait to see the next episode. ^___^


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  1. The vampires full names are Rima Touya, Senri Shiki, Takuma Ichijo, Hanabusa Aidou, Kaname Huran, Akutsuki Kain and Ruka Souen and at one point Maria Kurenai. I love it when Aidou rejects Kaname (I don’t like Kaname that much)

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