Vampire Knight Guilty- Episode 4

October 31, 2008 at 10:11 pm | Posted in Vampire Knight Season 2 | 4 Comments

This episode was interesting, Yuuki is irritating me so much, I think the whole show would be better without her (even though she’s the main character). In this episode we find out that Shiki’s dad had reincarnated into the little mismatched, colored-eyed boy! Without further ado let begin….


Evil genius in training.

Evil genius in training

The episode starts of with Shiki greeting his uncle. The uncle shows him a secret that he had painstakingly keep for a long time. It turns out his father (who I presume was dead prior to the storyline) had reincarnated to a little boy that we saw in the last episode! Suddenly the little boy falls into this pool of blood and Shiki’s dad emerges from it. He then conjures some kind of red light that enters Shiki?!  I don’t know what exactly happened but it seems pretty ominous to me.

Fifth wheel

Fifth wheel

Yuuki moans about how she doesn’t remember about anything from her past and hallucinates whenever she tries to remember. Zero and Yuuki decide to go to the Association to find out what happens ten years ago.

The gender is unknown

Gender is unknown

While at the Association, Zero goes into a room which had the remains of clothing that vampire hunters wore, Zero starts losing control and his eyes goes red. The president tells him that he could regain his sanity by drinking a pureblood’s blood. Suddenly Yuuki screams and Zero recovers, Yuuki was about to turn a page which had the information about what happened a decade ago when it burst into flames.

The grudge...

The grudge...

Yuuki is upset and she cries for the whole night in Zero’s arms. The next day the vampires returns, and Yuuki asks to discuss something with Kaname privately. Kaname asks Hanabusa to stop meddling in his affairs, and Hanabusa pledges his loyalty. Kaname admits that his parents did not commit suicide but were murdered.


I often wonder what kind of relationship Kaname and Zero have.

I often wonder what kind of relationship Kaname and Zero have.

-_- Is this what they call a paradox?

-_- Is this what they call a paradox?

It's a male.

I have come to a conclusion: It's a male.

Ah the elegance!

Ah the elegance!

Why yes, Kaname is the best.

Why yes, Kaname is the best.



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  1. when does season 2 come out …um like episode 18 part1?

  2. i watched all of the episodes yesterday, but i just want to know when episode 18 comes on ….please come back to me as soon as possible i must see this ….i want to know what happens! this is a majorly addictingshow:]XD

  3. For the subs it comes out on Friday or Saturday, and for the RAWS it comes out i think on Tuesday or Wenesday. I think….

  4. I liked the character Yuki you are to make Yuki the main character she was perfect.
    I really liked the pictures they are really cool.

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