The Evil Marble of Ramune Has Been Defeated!

November 16, 2008 at 9:35 am | Posted in 1 | 36 Comments
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It’s amazing how aggravated you can get when trying to take a tiny marble out of a bottle. Some people will claim that I will have no life, but I’m sure in this situation you would do the same. If anyone wants to know how to get the marble out of the Ramune bottle without smashing it; this blog is for you.

I nearly threw the damn thing away, I had to use my friend's one.

I threw the damn thing away, I had to use my friend's one.

Today i went to Japan Day (this place where they sell Jap stuff) and i brought this drink. Then with a slight delay i managed to open it, I threw away the plunger, hell with the instructions (in the end I had to use my friends).

Yes i am obsessed with it, try and sue me for it!

Yes i am obsessed with it, try and sue me for it!

After enjoying that creamy soda drink, I concentrated my current problem. How the hell did you get the marble out? I asked my Japanese friends and they said there was no way unless you smashed the bottle.

I completely killed the cap

I completely killed the cap

But then there I was thinking, THERE IS A WAY! I basically screamed when i found a pre-made dent in the lid cap. My friends said they all ready tried pulling it. But it didn’t work. So with my ‘brainy’ brains I began thinking of ways, naturally i thought using a screwdriver as a lever.



There are sat for half an hour skewering at the dent before I nearly gave up. Then long story short, my best friend came over and began skewering over at it too.

She brought it home, ferocious at the fact that a tiny bottle had bested her, then about half and hour later she phones me telling she done it!  Three cheers to my best friend!

Now we opened it! Cheers.

Useless trivia

Ramune stands for lemonade, I just realized now. >___<

The bottle says “Do not try to remove the marble from the bottle to avoid injury.  “LOLOL i wonder what happened…

My family thinks I’m officially retarded; just cause I was caught screaming at the bottle for about 5 minutes.

My sister declares that I have no life, and I don’t deny it.

Steps on how to open a Ramune bottle

1. Empty all the liquid from the can.

2. Get a thin strip of metal to act as a lever, I used a screw driver.

3. Hold it against a table so it won’t easily slip.

4. Start swearing at it and attack the little dent in the front of the lid (use the screw driver as a lever and push the lid upwards.)

5. Use your patience and before long the lid will come flying out.

6. Take the marble out of the bottle.

Caution: Glass fragments made be flying out at the same time.



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  1. Better method: heat the screwdriver or a knive in a flame and split the plastic cap open: it takes 10 seconds. Be careful not to burn yourself with the knife or the melted plastic.

  2. Thank you! THANK YOU! Not for the instructions but for the knowledge that it can be done! My 3yr. old has been pestering me for the ramune marble and driving me crazy for days! See…you’re not the only one!

  3. Or you can heat the ramune cap in an open flame and it’ll make the cap pliable and easier to take out… though it still required a great amount of time and effort for me hahah

  4. i did this EXACT thing today! people kept telling me it couldn’t be done but i did it!! i used plyers 😀 the marble is now a forever HA to people said it couldn’t be done!

  5. Ah, so the thing CAN BE DONE! Because I’ve had a growing collection of ramune bottles sitting on top of my dresser (I just counted that there were 15 regular and one large size) staring down at me for months. I told that they were for a smashing session, but then my uncle tried once and bled a bit so I shied away.

    I will not be DEFEATED! Danke!

    [And I didn’t know that the ramune meant lemonade, but that does make sense. Awesome 😀 ]

  6. It is really very simple..just turn the lid off. In North America you turn a lid off to the left..well with Asian bottles you turn it to the right, and it screws off like any other lid. Very simple, and out comes the marble.

    • Lol, I never knew that… But for mine I had to wrestle with it >.<"

      • Turning it the opposite way was the first thing I tried. I’ve seen some YouTube videos where they do it that way, but the caps of their bottles look taller than the ones they sell here in Seattle, and the tops of these don’t budge.

        Is it possible that they made a screw-off version later?

  7. how many times did you have to turn it? I’ve been turning the lid like 50 times both ways, and it won’t budge!

    • Turning? I doubt that’d work…. I used my screwdriver as a lever, push the screwdriver up and underneath the cap? From where I come from, the lids won’t move. From other repliers it seems that their ones can come off by turning it.

  8. Use a culinary torch, go around the plastic top at it’s base, and while it is still warm, you can remove the cap and not RUIN the cap as you will with trying to pry it off with a screwdriver without heating the cap first.

    This way, you can snap the marble back into the cap, refill the bottle with another beverage, and snap the cap back on.

    Took around 10 – 15 seconds total time to remove plastic top, without any damage to top or bottle.

    • Haha a culinary torch? *does not have one* that’s so cool!! *__* but doesn’t burning plastic relase toxic fumes?

  9. If you don’t want to put a flame directly to the plastic cap, perhaps consider boiling it off in a pot of water? I know this will soften the plastic considerably, but I’m not sure exactly how much it’ll give in the case of a Ramune bottle.

    What I DO know about Ramune bottles, however…

    The glass counter-twist-off bottles are manufactured on older equipment in Japan, and generally distributed only to the west of Tokyo (mostly Kobe, sometimes in Nagoya, but I’ve not personally found them anywhere else). They are recognizable when compared side-to-side with a “modern” Ramune bottle by being made of slightly thinner glass, with a slightly taller plastic cap, and no notch in the bottom rim of the cap.

    There are PLASTIC counter-twist-off Ramune bottles (still with a glass marble) that you can get from vending machines in various places in Japan. The plastic is fairly thick in these bottles, maybe twice as thick as a soda bottle, and has a blue tinge to it. I got one from a machine in Morioka city, Iwate prefecture, but I understand they pop up all over the country in vending hardware.

    In addition to these common bottles, there are all-glass bottles that use a real rubber rim to hold the marble in place. All-glass means they have no plastic cap. The opening mechanism is usually a metal key-plug thing that belongs to the vendor, who will open the bottle for you. These bottles are often made of green glass, intended to be copies of the ones produced and used in Meiji era (pre-WWII) Japan. When you are finished drinking, the bottles are returned to the vendor, then are washed, refilled, and resealed, just as they were in old times. The only place I have ever found one of these was outside of Ginkakuji temple in Kyoto in 2003. (Ginkakuji, mind you, not the more famous Kinkakuji.) I managed to buy one off the vendor (to keep and take home and put flowers in) for 500 yen. 😀

  10. I tried a lot of things to get that marble, until finally I came up with a solution…chuck it against the cement wall of plants. Worked! XDD

  11. I break the darn thing. In order to avoid a mess; fill the bottle with water, put the bottle in a ziplock bag, then place the bagged bottle in the freezer. The water expands when it freezes, causing the bottle to crack apart. Remove the bottle from the freezer, allow the water to melt, grab the marble and toss the rest.

    • I’m trying this tonight. I’ve been trying to get it off with a cheap screwdriver, and the screwdriver broke, and I’m too chicken to use force to break it, so…
      Hopefully it works! Thank you.

  12. LOlOL Thanks.. I actually just broke it XD but I cleaned up the glass after.

  13. Ah! Thank you so much. After hours of frustration I found this and got the cap off in a snap, by holding it over a candle flame to soften it slightly/prying it off with a heated screwdriver. I actually wanted the bottle intact as well as the marble, because it will make such a beautiful little bud vase, with the marble as a really cool-looking feature for holding a flower stem in place! thanks!

  14. Dude, I just did the same thing. I used a screwdriver and finally a plier. It was worth it, the marble is really a shiny diamond. I needed 20 minutes for this.

    • A REAL diamond?

  15. I just did this a second ago LOL. Thaaanks 😀

  16. Easier. Heat up one side of the cap, use the poker to pry up a quarter of the cap while still pliable, then heat up the cap again and take a pliers to it and it pops right off. 5 minutes max.

  17. I just smash the things. Then put the broken glass in a box. And keep the box on the dresser, right above my head when I sleep. Life needs a little more excitement, ya know?

  18. just poke the marble with a knife! thats what i did and it worked 🙂

  19. I went to this Japanese Market, Marukai, and I mean i’ve been able to get the marble out of every bottle that i’ve bought in Japan and here, but i got this Lychee Soda and the bottle didnt open……

    • I can barely open 1 bottle!

  20. its easy to open with a blow tourch

  21. Cigarette lighter or candle flame work well – don’t stick it in the flame, just hold it 4-5 cm above for about 30 seconds. I think it’s safest to cut the softened plastic with a knife (vertically on both sides) before using pliers. I find that if I use the pliers first, the result is similar, messier, and with more chance of slipping and causing injury.

    The twist-off variety is also easier to remove if you soften the plastic first, just be careful not to burn yourself.

  22. I used to throw it against the ground behind a dumpster :/

  23. I used a little saw to cut a line down one side then wedge it off, a little messy but easier by far, only took me 5 minutes

  24. I recently got one of these and I noticed the cap screws on backwards. If you untwist the cap the way you normally tighten it it comes off and the ball will just roll out ! (:

  25. Use a lighter to soften the plastic first. Yeesh.

  26. By the looks, you’re ramune isn’t the original japanese HATAKOSEN CO LTD make. Granted, I’ve bought some Ramune with the same shaped blue top as yours, but I’ve only ever seen them in the west. I get my ramune straight from Japan, or people who get it from Japan etc. The blue top is a lot taller, and funnily enough, just twist it (lefty loosey, righty tighty!) and it came off.
    “Westernised” ramune has probably been adjusted to fit western standards so that little kids don’t go easily getting the marble out of the bottle and choke on it!

    So yeah. Buy HATAKOSEN proper Japanese ramune to easily get the marble, unless you have small children. Or you know… just go full therapeutic and shout at a bottle! No harm either way, haha.

  27. I really realize that putting the bottle in plastic bag and drop onto the ground will scratch the marble. The best way way to use a knife and slowly cut it off and it’s open up to get the marble. Try not to destroy the bottle since it will hurt you.

  28. i tried the heat screw driver method, pliers etc. there are two glass lips to hold the molded cap…frustration…then i used small Hand Powered coping saw…worked great, also kids can now do their own with no plastic fumes…added bonus that they will strive, burn energy, and feel accomplished! you can see where the clear inner plastic mount joins the outer plastic blue mount, cut so that you remove both, do cut above second inner glass lip


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