Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 12+13

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There wasn’t much to say about episode 12 so I decided to make it a double summary.  ^^ Since the sixth episode I was incredibly lost, I don’t even know what the plot is about know. DX

Overall I have to say this season did not rise up to my expectations, the first season was waaay better. But according to me friends the manga was about the same level so I should not have expected so much of it. ><


There is a huge battle going on. Kaname goes to find the Senior Council guy, Kaname attacks him but he manages to escape. Ichijou unsheathes his sword and fights him.

Zero comes and the Bloody Rose transforms into a new weapon. (So does Artemis by the way. Now it looks like a huge sycthe.)


Zero shoots Rido, he is injured and runs into the forest sucking unfortunate victims so he can recuperate. He is confronted by Kaname. They get into a fight and Zero comes and shoots Rido.


Rido dies.


Kaname and Yuuki are going away, Hanabusa, Ruka and Akatsuki accompany them. Near the end Zero claims that he will continuing killing pureblood vampires.


Hanabusa laughing <3

Gone crazy

Favorite moment in the series.

Favorite moment in the series.

You'd think he'd change his shirt. ><

You'd think he'd change his shirt. ><


Aristocratic scavengers

New Bleach character. =3

New Bleach character. =3



Pocky stick lovvvee

Pocky stick lovvvee

I have to say I’m a severely disappointed with this season. Perhaps it was too deep for me but I couldn’t not understand what was happening apart from the obvious. There were too many plot holes so i lost interest.  I rate this season about 6/10.


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