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This drama is the first drama I’ve watched this year and it’s awesome! It’s a mix of Death Note and Tantei Gakuen Q! I was interested in it because of the it’s opening. ‘Truth’ by Arashi. Being an Arashi fan I decided to watch it. When I looked it up on Wikipedia my enthusiasm was sparked even further when I saw “Nakatsu” from Hana Kimi! He’s one of my favourite actors. ^__^


Alias: Maou, The Devil
Episodes: 11
Opening: Truth by Arashi

Naruse Ryo, nicknamed ‘Angel’ is a two-faced lawyer with exceptional abilities. Naruse on one side is a kind-hearted soul, on the other side is a corrupted criminal mastermind. Using his abilities of deceit he plots revenge on a person for his little brother who was killed by him. A detective Serizawa Naoto, becomes a detective to repent for his dark past, he begins chasing a mysterious killer who aims for the people around him…

Rating: 8/10

Suitable for: mystery lovers, people who like anti-heroes and byronic characters. People who believe in the sixth sense would like this drama as well.

Genre: Suspense drama, mystery


N/A Cast list is from Wikipedia

Ohno Satoshi as Naruse Ryo/Manaka Tomoo
Kouno Hiroki
as young Tomoo (11 years ago)

Ikuta Toma as Serizawa Naoto
Kimura Haruki as young Naoto (11 years ago)

Kobayashi Ryoko as Sakita Shiori
Masuyama Kayano as young Shiori (11 years ago)

Tanaka Kei as Kasai Hitoshi
Uemura Yuto as young Hitoshi (11 years ago)

Oshinari Shugo as Soda Mitsuru
Honma Haruo as young Mitsuru (11 years ago)

Waki Tomohiro as Ishimoto Yosuke
Nakamura Ryunoshin (中村竜之慎) as young Yosuke (11 years ago)

Uehara Misa as Takatsuka Kaoru

Shinohara Mai as Nishina Eri

Shimizu Yutaka (清水優) as Yamano Keita
Horimoto Takaya (堀本昴弥) as young Keita
Tonesaku Toshihide as Kurata Takashi
Kichise Michiko as Serizawa Mari
Gekidan Hitori as Serizawa Noriyoshi
Miyake Yuji (三宅裕司) as Nakanishi Hiromichi
Ishizaka Koji as Serizawa Eisaku
Takeuchi Toshi (竹内寿) as Manaka Hideo

Personal character Sypnosis:

Naruse Ryo/Manaka Tomoo


The protagonist and antagonist of this story, to me he is like a Uchiha Sasuke in real life, (minus the hair). He has a poker face but somehow still can smile. Naruse is really polite to a point where I want to pull all my hair out. I admire his way of thinking though, he uses people’s weakness and their desires to his advantage so that he doesn’t need to get his hands dirty. I like how he uses tarot cards too. Naruse challenges the police each time by sending a tarot card to the person he is going to kill. The way he manipulates people could be a work of art! He is currently my favorite character in the story (I’m only up to episode 3) I hope he doesn’t go crazy in the future! Also, is the guy who play Naruse the lead Arashi singer? If so; he’s awesome! He can dance, sing and act! =3

Serizawa Naoto


The hot-headed detective that uses his own (and I must say unorthodox methods) to solve crimes. I nearly cracked up laughing at how he interrogated in the first episode. Currently he is falling into pieces as people close around him are killed. I won’t spoil anything, (but it IS rather obvious) I think he was the one that killed Hideo. I was surprised at how different Ikuta Toma acted from Hana Kimi! However he is still a “yankee” so it’s not THAT much of a change. The best schizophrenic actor I’ve seen is probably Teppei (compare him in Iryu and Gokusen II). I digress, but I am impressed with the amount of emotion in his acting.

Sakita Shiori


A girl with special abilites, she seems to like both of the lawyer and detective at this moment. Maybe she’s just friendly. Wiki did state that this drama was a romance drama but I have yet to see any romance. Does an affair that the side characters have count? Shiori helps the police with her psychic senses, something I like about her is the fact that she always smiles. As the plot thickens it hints that she was the one who first saw the body of Hideo. Who knows? Something I’m interested in finding out is  who she would choose in the end.


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  1. hello there!
    i found ur blog when yahoo-ing Maou.
    i finished watching all episodes last night,
    i gave 5stars to this dramA!

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