Maou Episode 11~ End

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I only have one thing to say. Wow. The end was epic.

I’m going to talk about details of the last episode so be prepared for spoilers!

What had happened-

1. Soda died- killed by Serizawa II

2. Tanaka Kei tries to take the blame of killing Soda cause he doesn’t want his realationship with Mari found out.

3. Naoto and Shiori finds out that Naruse is actually the ‘dead brother’ of Hideo.

4. They now know that Amano is indeed Naruse but they need evidence to prove it.

5. Serizawa II found out about the love affair between Tanaka and his wife, Mari.


The first absolute epicness thing: Serizawa II kills himself. I didn’t really get why, maybe it’s to deep for me. But anyways it wasn’t something i expected…

Serizawa I looking at the wedding pictures of his dead son.

Serizawa I looking at the wedding pictures of his dead son.

Maybe the death of Serizawa II was supposed to bring Naoto and his father closer, cause when they were, uh looking at II’s body they kinda reconciled.


Another unexpected thing! Naruse was going to quit! He bailed Tanaka out with his own money and told him to treasure his precious ones before it’s too late. At this point I really thought it was going to be a happy ending.


Then I guess the tragedy starts here. Like in Romeo and Juliet all is fine until Tybalt kills Mercutio, anyways; Naruse meets up with Yamano, his “Protégé” , telling him to stop and quit this game, Yamano refuses saying that Tanaka hasn’t suffered enough. Naruse tells him to stop and then stuff happens and Naruse ends up getting stabbed in the stomach with a knife by Yamano.


Yamano, like the coward he is, runs away into the city probably trying to find Tanaka.


Tanaka is in the jewelry shop. Looking probably for a engagement ring. Mari is seen in his apartment making dinner, both are smiling. Tanaka walked out onto the street, and he gets stabbed by Yamano.


What I find kinda ironic is the part where he sees the engagement ring box right next to him where he can’t reach it. Think the scene where Hideo died and was trying to reach for his harmonica.

Serizawa I gets a heart attack and decides to die on the stop, Naoto comes home to see his dead father and goes beserk. He phones Naruse.

Then there is the last battle in every epic tale kind of like the supposed ‘Armageddon’ (that by the way is an anime festival we have every Labour day in the place where i live =])Naoto calls Naruse to the place where Hideo dies and they are determined to end everything there. Staggering with the knife wound Naruse goes…

This is where the super dooper epicness begins. Naoto gets a gun out and is prepared to shoot Naruse. Naruse doesn’t attempt to dodge but paitently waits for him to shoot. When Naoto hesitates, Naruse says his objective in killing all his friends and family.

He wants to die.

Naruse from the start wanted Naoto to kill him so that he could undergo judgement of killing someone.

Even though he says that this isn’t what he wanted I am convinced..

Naruse says that he wants to go home and meet up with his family again since he had lost everything every since Hideo and his mother died.

Naoto can’t kill him so Naruse decided to kill himself. Naoto tries to stop him but in the admist of struggle the gun is set off… ><


Both of them have a shocked look on their faces so it was impossible to tell who got shot. Then….

Naoto falls! T____T

Naruse starts calling the ambulance but is stopped by Naoto.

At this point in time tears were about to fall, but then Naoto completely spoils the mood by going, “This is okay.” I nearly cracked up laughing.

With his last breath he tells Naruse to keep living on with all his might and to forgive him and himself. (His monologue)

Then he DIES!!! T__T At this point I was probably in tears, but I couldn’t help snigger at the way how his head bounced around when he died. And it didn’t seem realistic cause he closed his eyes himself….

I don’t get is how the tiny little gun that didn’t even hit his organs kill him soo fast. T__T


Naruse is crying and is in deinal telling him to open his eyes etc. dramatic music plays and it feels very epic.


Shiroi comes running and finds Naoto and Naruse (both dead i think) leaning against a box. Naruse’s head is against Naoto’s shoulder. In the story i think I feel most sorry for Shiori.

  1. She first sees a dead body at a tender age
  2. gets some pyschic power from the trauma
  3. falls in love with a avenging psychopath
  4. gets rejected by the psychopath
  5. and sees him and her good friend the detective dead

Man it must be gay to be her.


The ending was a fail.

Those are butterflies no matter what they look like.

Those are butterflies no matter what they look like.

In the closing scene you see the detective head and Shiori walking on a beach. They talk about how nice it is there and stuff, and then they see two butterflies floating together.


WTF, what is that supposed to mean! That completely spoiled the atmosphere. Does this give an implication on Naoto and Naruse being GAY?! (N/A butterfly lovers/Chinese RomeoxJuliet anyoone?) Just cause they were practically groping each other when fighting for the gun, were holding hands when Naoto died and Naruse dying on Naoto’s shoulder. Tsktsk people these days.

The teaser is sooo an advertisement for the box. Are they desperate or seomthing?

The teaser is sooo an advertisement for the box. Are they desperate or seomthing?

Then there was something even worse in the end. Shiori smiles and touches the harmonica that Naoto was carriing about and gets a shock. THEN IT FINISHED! WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!

Overall this drama is awwwesome! I am amazed at how the plot turned out into something completely unpredictable. I also loved how talented the two main roles were!

This it the first time for me seeing Oono Satoshi play in a drama and he’s moved up to my top 5 favorite Japanese male actors!

I love the fact that he can change his facial expression, and he completely mastered the bored evil look! I think he’s really good at acting cause he isn’t afraid to cry and contort his face into something ugly. Some actors are so concern on how they look on screen the forget to act.

As for Ikuta Toma (i think that’s his name) he’s even more awesome than i thought he is! He seems to have grown up a lot and it shows through his acting. This drama proved to me that he can act serious and funny. =] I hope to see more of him in the future dramas!


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