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I started watching this about a week ago, and it’s pretty adorable. Haha. I’m up to the seventh episode and I swear it gets better and better.



Episodes: 12

Suitable for: People who adore nerds, likes the Akihabara culture, likes mystery

Rating: 7/10


• Kazama Shunsuke as Page
• Ikuta Toma as Box
• Himura Yuki as Daruma
• Hoshino Gen as Taiko
• Kosaka Yuka as Akira
• Matsushima Hatsune as Izumu/Izm
• Honjo Manami as Yui


What’s your image of Akihabara? An electric city? A district with maniacs who utter anime, manga, figurines and cosplay in the same breath? This drama occurs in this strange cyber active city. It talks of six sensitive secluded beings who have many problems of their own. They are joined together by an internet chat room called ‘Yui’s Lifeguard’. With Yui’s guidance the six meet up and they band together to form a group called “Akihabara@deep”. A troubleshooter group that deals with problems of its inhabitants.

Personal (fangirl) Character Synopsis


Page.jpg image by kokskakola

The unofficial leader of the group with a hard-out stutter. Donning black glasses, the only talent he seems to have is to stutter ‘P-ppplaning t-time!!!’. But he is awesome, so all is pardoned. Page carries around a computer to communicate with people. He’s sweet and cares about his friends a lot. I reckon he’s one of the smartest in the group. In the first episode he was the only one who plotted something before rushing ahead to fight those uh… bullies.



A graphic designer who has a serious case of gynophobia, to the point where foam comes out of his mouth when women gets too close. Not scared of maids in maid cafes though. Apparently they aren’t human and should be treated as two-dimensional beings.  Box is also a complete hygiene nut. Box always wears gloves to keep him away from direct contact with the world. He’s more impulsive and brash than most of the members but he’s insanely adorable. >.< And yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That IS Ikuta Toma in human flesh. He was the reason why I watched the drama. Haha. He’s good at acting as always.


His name explains it all. Do any of you guys know the arcade game Taiko? This guy is all about music. He’s infamous for his ring tones and melodies. However, he freezes at the sight of flashing lights. Haha I love it when his eyes roll backwards and he freezes on the spot. I don’t like him as much as Page and Box, but I really warmed up to him when I watched episode where he like Kaira. (That is not a spoiler!)



If Ayasaki Hayate is THE combat butler, then Akira is the ultimate combat maid. She’s tough, she’s furious, she’s RAWR. =3 The apple of all male otaku’s eyes. She’s awesome at fighting and is pretty much dominates all the males. Akira becomes intensely popular internet idol after Box and Taiko set up an internet page for her.

Izumu (sometimes the subs write her name as Izm but meh.)

The baby of the group, Izumu left high school after attending for one day. She’s a hacking genius and is quite apathetic to the world. Izumu was the first one to see Yui in flesh- she designed the chat room. She creates the first ever AI (I think?) and suffers from a disease that makes her eyes blue. She’s interesting but isn’t very appealing for me. I haven’t seen anything awesome about her yet but maybe in the later episodes she becomes awesome.


I have to say, he’s the most freakish out of all of the @deep members. With a lack of aesthetic sense and social skills no one would go near him if it weren’t for his cosplays he makes. Haha, I just contradicted myself saying that he has no aesthetic sense and is awesome a making clothes. Hmmm, how should I rephrase this? He’s good at reproducing clothes? He can’t sing or do comedy no matter how hard he tries. I have to say without him, there wouldn’t be much of a loss.


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