A plot or just plain dumbness?

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My friend was telling me about how the manga-ka of Kuroshitsuji, Yana Toboso is completely outraged by some of her “fans” sending her messages telling her that they watched it from illegal streaming sites. >Linkage to original blog<

Some of the few messages that she has been sent:


“I borrowed a CD ROM from my friend and read it there. LOL”


“I found and watched all of them on an overseas site!”


“I became a fan in the second season and watched all of season one on an overseas site. LOL It was really interesting.”


MAN! Who would be idiotic enough to write that type of stuff and send it to the manga-ka no less!? Each and everyone of us fellow leechers know that downloading is something that should not be broadcasted… sending stuff like that is unthinkable.

However, this got me to think about  some things…

  • Am I more inclined to buy the real versions of manga now that one of my most highly regarded artists tells me to stop reading online versions?
  • Am I being too paranoid as to thinking that the publishers are the cause of this?

– The answer is probably yes, I feel more inclined to support one of my most highly regarded artists… I feel extremely bad for leeching off the internet for no money, but it’s not like I’m going to wait till it comes out where I live… (total volumes of Kuroshitsuji that is out in my country= 0) heck, I’m not a saint and I go online to read because I want to know what happens in the story and want it now, sue me- I live in generation Now where a meal (instant noodles) can be made in the quick span of three minutes.

– The messages are so blatantly provoking and stupid, the extremely paranoid me is starting to think there is another reason why these messages have appeared in Toboso’s mail….  The manga coalition is somewhat ignored by scanlators and subbers alike. So did the publishers pose as fans to enrage manga-kas so that the manga-kas would fully support their cause on banning online scans and streaming – thus attracting more sympathizers and supporters?


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