Ikemen desu ne! {Review?}

July 17, 2011 at 11:29 am | Posted in Drama | 1 Comment
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Well not really. More like a very one sided opinion of the characters and heaps of comparison to the Korean one. xD I’ll be using the names of the people in the drama because I suck with names. Hum Hum~


The main guy Ren; he looks like Kame… his eyebrows!!! They’re way too manicured…  :O His singing was alright but nowhere near as good as HTK.

Went on paint and got him new eyebrows, fun fun fun! 😀


Yuki looks a whole lot better when he smiles with his mouth closed. Jeremy beats him down by a mile in face and body.


All the guys are too skinny.


Shu looks like a brown cookie, in the looks department, I think he wins out of the three.


The girl, I think, bet the GMN. Looks-wise, Mio looks more like a guy. (Yes, it’s a compliment), singing-wise GMN wins… for now. I think both girls acted quite well, but it’s not over till the fat lady sings. ;DD

The K-J conversion of the songs were done well. I liked the lyrics too. 😀


I won’t spoil too much, but then the whole orphanage thing was weird as… and I guess it was like a filler since Japan seems to love 2 hour open specials… it ended well, and I think the acting was pretty good over all.


So far so good? Right now the Korean wins by far, but I’m waiting to be dazzled by some awesomeness from the Japanese.


You can watch it if you search on Mr. Google.


Man, I love being able to speak Jap, I can watch it all before the subbings finish.






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  1. haha, good job with painting on the eyebrows. even though it’s so tacky, it’s much much muchly better than the manicured ones. Post pics of the other characters? I still like the korean leads =3
    hurray Jang Geun Suk & Lee Hongki~!!!!!
    (but yeah. jap girl seems more tomboyish by farrrrr -thumbs up-)

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