Ikemen Desu ne! Ep 2 (Not really a review!)

July 23, 2011 at 12:28 am | Posted in Drama | 4 Comments
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Just watched episode two of Ikemen desu ne!

If you’ve seen the Kversion of this, these aren’t spoilers, if you haven’t, they might be. DUN DUN DUN.

Let’s just say right now, the K one is topping the J one by far.

Ren does a favorable impression of HTK’s face,

but HTK’s one is much more cuter. (I will try remember to screen shot in the next episode).  Ren’s eyebrows are still making me cringe, especially when I compare it with HTK’s manly ones. >:D


Maybe it’s just me, but the corny lines in the Japanese one exceeds the Korean one by far.  Some moments are too dramatic and makes me feel like they fail when I watch. Don’t slow-mo the hugs!


For the Fairy (I can’t remember her name), she’s cute…. but not bitchy enough in her “real” personality. Her “partner” is weird and annoying, I don’t know why the Jproducers decided to put him there.


The allergic reaction was sad but no where near as brutal as the Kversion.


Shu does a really good job on acting as the second male lead. He was successful as he made me want to slap him, all those opportunities he  could’ve taken to strengthen the bond between him and Mio but nooooo, he just flounders them. IF he had ran after Mio after he found her bursting into tears… he would’ve gained a huge brownie point. But because Ren got there, so of course they’d fall in love later on!


I realized I extremely like Yuki as long as he smiles with his mouth closed. His “gay” moments are cute, but not as cute as Jeremy’s. (But I’m really biased, I. LOVE. HONG. KI! <3)


Oh, I almost forgot about the Aunt. I wish she wore fake neon lipstick in this drama too! I liked the Kversion better.


Am I still watching the next episode? Most likely. But more for the sake of practising my Japanese then for entertainment now! xD



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  1. i like the j-version better

  2. uhm…. tie at the moment…

  3. I love the Japanese version more..Well, that’s my judgement as one of the You’re Beautiful and Taekyung fanatics! I’ve watched YB 8 times in a row. But still I’m capable of giving fair judgement..I like the changes they have made and Jversion is more believable.

  4. i like the korean version better, but i hate the ending and i absolutely love Hyung tae kyung.

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