Ikemen Desu ne (not a review!) Ep 5-6

August 20, 2011 at 11:00 am | Posted in Drama | Leave a comment
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Didn’t watch last week due to…. er forgetting to? xD I’m not a very faithful follower.

So basically Nana is lording over Ren. Mio cries. A lot. Erk.

If I were Mio, I’d give Nana a huge punch in her pretty face. Then somehow figure out a way to blackmail her back, it ought to be easy, she’s completely demonic. Heh. Good thing I’m not a heroine for a drama. For a heroine to be successful, she must keep her holier-than-thou attitude and wait for her prince in shining armour to rescue her.

Ho hum.

Shuu comes in at the most inappropriate times to hold Mio. Seriously, dude, the timing is important. The timing is what makes Ren win. A few face palm moments and hallucinations on the designs of his T-shirts–I swear the first time I looked at it, there was a bunny in front of his shirt. Next time I see it, it’s a dollar sign. Weird.

Ren look so much better when his fringe is down. It covers his eyebrows. *thumbs up!* Then I saw him wearing a sparkling silver track suit with sequins. Does this remind anyone of Kim Joo Won’s sparkly tracksuits from Secret Garden?

I’ll probably end up repeating this every single time, but Yuki looks godly with his mouth closed. How come everyone has really nice teeth aside from Yuki? Also, his hair color is turning straw-like… time for a redye? o.o

N-Next week! I can’t remember what the preview said. Hehe.


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