Ikemen Desu ne Ep 7 IT’S REALLY NOT A REVIEW

August 27, 2011 at 2:05 am | Posted in Drama | Leave a comment
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Best episode so far, I think the Japanese episodes are gradually getting better… this contrasts with the Korean one which was awesome all the way through. I guess this means the Jversion might be better than the Kversion in the last few episodes? For now, I plan to continue watching it.


Shu is stupid. He’s trying to be the better man by telling Ren his intentions. Stupid stupid STOOOPID. Like a deranged animal Ren goes rampant, he stops Mio from meeting with Shu (where he was supposed to use this opportunity to confess) with a kiss.


Would that have happened if Shu didn’t tell Ren that he was going to confess to Mio tonight? Note that this tonight was a few hours away, where Ren could do anything.


All the while, Shu was waiting at the restaurant. He tottally got stood up, hehe. But saying that lie was stupid. He’s creating an obstacle for himself by lying to Mio about having a girlfriend. If he had any brains, he would’ve pounced  on her when he was alone with her.

Any chance of Shu being Mio’s lover has been sealed away with Ren’s sudden kiss, I quite like this version of the kiss, I don’t really remember the expression of HTK’s, but I did like how Ren looked surprised himself. 😀 Then I like his awkward walk back. I’m surprised he could find his way back in the dark.


When Nana confronts Mi0, perfect time for Mio to punch her. But she just cries. Boo.

I really like her shoes and clothes, Mio’s that is, when she’s a girl. It’s so cute. Nana’s clothes are cute too, just not as nice (imo) as Mio’s.




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