Ikemen desu ne ep 8(?) NOT A REVIEW

September 3, 2011 at 12:24 pm | Posted in Drama | 3 Comments
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I have to say, the episodes are getting better and better. And by far, the Japanese lines are sooo much  more cornier. I guess it’s sweeter. Ren was manly. (Y)

One of the things that peaked my interest was the guest appearance of HTK, but I was severely disappointed, he’s just not good looking anymore!

Okay, compare this…

To this…

Ok, so he changed his hair style, big deal. But what on earth happened to his eyes? They look like they’ve been through plastic surgery. A disclaimer, I have nothing against plastic surgery, really, it makes ugly people look beautiful. BUT when they become ugly AFTER they get their “dental work” then it’s SAD. RAWR. And he was one of my favorites too. T______T

Hmm… Yuuki is cute. Personally, as with the Kdrama, I would totally choose Yuki/Jeremy. Jeremy more than Yuki because his face and body is so much better, so is his singing too. You can bash me for being shallow all you want, you know you like good looking guys too.


Anyway, back to Yuki…. You can tell the guy really loves you when he was willing to accept himself to be gay. And he really took one for the team when they concocted that pasta of doom. Neither Shu nor Ren, though they love Mio soooo much was willing to stop her (which I totally don’t get why they didn’t)Yuki dived in and ate it for her. Now that’s love.  I’m not sure why he had to eat the pasta though. He could have just pulled it away from her and casually drop it onto the ground.

…… and…. Shu still fails. Man, the whole world is helping him and he STILL doesn’t manage to get the girl. I think the point in where he failed beyond return was when he walked off by himself into the terminal. I reckon if he waited for her, Mio would’ve totally went onto the plane with him and begin their relationship. But Shu just left so Ren could do something to get Mio back again. Shu just never learns… and then he sits there and mopes about why he doesn’t get the girl. Heh.

O-oh yeah, Ren’s confession to Mio was manly and cute and awesome. If any guy is reading this, look up what he did and YOU WILL GET YOUR GIRL.

One of the part that I thought was really cute was the

“I’ll only say this once so listen carefully.” 

line. This was done while he had wrapped her in a hug and then he said CLEARLY AND SIMPLY, so she won’t misunderstand (because she is SO DENSE)

“I love you.”

Awwww, isn’t that cute? (and calculating too; he had just pulled the aeroplane/star stunt AND he had pulled her into a hug so she wouldn’t run away before he got to finish.) There is no room for any misinterpretation. Unlike Shu, stooopid Shu. He was going to bring her to his parents before he even told her he liked her. Too many he and hers, how confusing.

Yeah well anyways, Ren pulled a smooth move and Shu is left in the dust. Yuki, you will never win Mio’s affections but I love you. ❤ (as long as you fix your teeth.)

I’m brutal and mean.

Have a nice day. >:D



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  1. very funny. I like your comment about Shu *That’s Ok, Shu, you still have me. lol*

  2. I’ve just gotta say… I that hope the people who read your post realize that JKS makes a guest appearance in this episode not as HTK but as himself (or actually I should say as CGS, his japanese name)

    As far as those two different pictures up above, that’s mostly a play on he eyes because of the angle. The HTK one is him looking up whereas the other one is him looking down. His eyes also look a bit puffy from the eye bags.

    • i do like reading your posts though. brief and straight to the point. i like that.

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