Ikemen Desu Ne! Ep 10

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Lateness = can’t be bothered because I started watching Lie To Me? Good drama.

Shu confesses that he had felt Mio’s boobs when she was drunk. LOL that came out soooooo wrong. Shu gave a good attempt being cute. I give him a thumbs up for that.

And h-hey! It’s a picture of Mio’s mom. I don’t think it was there in the Kdrama? I can’t really see her face but I have a feeling it’s just Mio. xD

Shu finally figures out he would have no chance. Wow, about time? I’m proud of Shu, he finally said something manly. “Don’t make Mio cry.” Good on him.

OMG when the reporter fell into the pool… I hope that was actually a fake camera…. or a waterproof one.

And Nana’s ‘hospital costume’ made her look like a mental patient. I think she was going for cute? Nana can’t yell for apple pie.

Kacho(!) speaks the truth and shit hits the fan. Ren feels guilty and rages at his mom. I don’t get why Ren suddenly doesn’t hate Mio’s dad though, he’s still the reason his mom abandoned him. Huh… it’s something I didn’t think of. Just why did Ren suddenly turn so saintly?

AND LOL the reporter…. if it was actually the Mio Mio hahaahaha. Male Mio is pretty cool. I think the actress suits the cool type better. AND I like his man body. Hehe.

I really want a pig-rabbit, they’re sooo cute. 😀

Airport scene… poor Ren, Mio could have called him first. D: I hate watching people get stood up. Why didn’t Ren call Mio? I wonderrrrr….. normally when you look for people, you’ll call them first??? We live in the 21st century dammit!

Mio is so gay, she can’t be with Ren because she keeps seeing his mom in her face. So uh…. when they kiss? .-.

And what happened to Ren’s usual forcefulness? Should’ve said something Macho or something yuck like that. 😀

And WOW, last episode next time? O>O it says last confession so hm…..


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