Fall Out Boy, Save Rock And Roll Album Review.

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Listen to the album here.

I’m going to listen the album in full once through first to get the overall impressions out of the way. Usually, I just concentrate on the the vocals unless the instrumentals do something amazing.

1. The Phoenix

Love the song, it’s my favorite song in the album and I fell in love with from the first hearing. Stump’s vocals are intense in the chorus! Not sure how well he’ll sing this in lives though, I heard a bit of it (the chorus) when he came over, but it sounded like he was running out of breath (IT’S OKAY, I STILL LOVE YOU.)
I quite like the lyrics, especially about the but I’m actually quite disappointed that the song title is so short (very unlike FOB!)

2. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)

I’m biased to this song because it was the first one they decided to released. At first, I wasn’t too impressed, I thought it sounded too hip-hop but then when I heard FOB play live, I loved it. FOB really do know how to write anthems. Some people don’t like anthemy songs, but I think singalongability counts.

3. Alone Together
First impression of this song, to be honest, I’m not very impressed. IS THAT AUTO-TONE tune I heard? (Might just be my laggy computer which ends up making sounds quite synthetic.) but the song about how we stay young forever, somehow, it feels TOO MAINSTREAM. Ugh, it just feels like something JB would say. Not particularly liking the chorus backing Stump’s vocal either, I guess I could pass it off as cues to when the crowd should scream during the live but, no. I find that it makes the song extremely cheerleader-ish.

Now I’m confused, might just be how the playlist is playing, it feels like a different song MAYBE IT IS, hur. Anyway, this second part sounds more like the FOB I like. Mind you, I support change, bands are meant to grow. My obsession with L’arc en ciel (just celebrated their 20th anniversary) is proof of that. I don’t mind bands experimenting their sounds, but I wish they could do it in a way where they won’t alienate their old fans. xD So yes, I’m demanding that if they change, they should change in the way I like. Sue me.

And at this point, I’d like to mention how very un “rock ‘n’ roll” this album is feeling to me right now, despite its namesake. But then again it took me quite a while to warm up to all the songs in Folie e deux. Now I love pretty much every song from that album.

4. Just One Yesterday
The intro sounds solid. I like the rhythm. I’m kind of disappointed in the chorus, thought that they’d be more boom. Zoned-out through the rest of the song, until the chorus. Unfortunately, while Foxes has a nice voice, I am really not feeling the rock and I am not rolling. And I swear, the lyrics aren’t very original. I don’t know when I realized, but the lyrics are identical to Willie Nelson’s “I’ll trade my tomorrows for one yesterday.” I’m pretty sure it’s on purpose, but I’m too ignorant to know the meaning behind having similar lyrics.

5. The Mighty Fall
Was excited for three seconds until I heard the “uh uh uh.” Again, it sounds very hip-hop. As you can tell, I’m not too fond of the genre so when they have people going “ho!!” in the background, I’m not too impressed. That being said, from what I can hear from the lyrics, I like them. I thought from The Phoenix, during their hiatus, Stump fixed his (awesome) pronunciation but guess he’s back to the original FOB style where you have to search up the lyrics to sing along. I’m not going to complain about this, it separates the real fans from the non-real ones. Heh.

Now there’s rap. Ew. Ew. Ew. I’m not a big fan of rap unless it’s Chris Rene or eminem, don’t like this guy. MAKE IT STOP. It’s a mighty fall indeed. It had the potential to be one of my favorites, too. D:

6. Miss Missing You
Intro sounds very retro. Liking it, but right now I’m not completely buzzing from the song. I think this song has potential to be one of my favorite songs in the album but it’ll take time and multiple re-listens to bump it up.

7. Death Valley

Promising opening. I still feel like they’re using auto-tune. ARE THEY? I can’t trust my hearing. WEEE I like Stump’s falsetto here. Yes, the awesomeness ❤ Liking the dynamics in this song that the previous one seemed to have lacked. Obviously they made this song more dancey, not too sure I like the break-down at the bridge. Hmm, gimme time to warm up to it.

8. Young Volcanoes.
I quite like it, the acoustic is a nice change in the electric sounds, and it’s refreshing so you don’t get tired from just one type of instrument. One of my friends said that it sounds like James Blunt’s “Stay the Night”. I concur. I like the laugh after they say “ass-holes.” Hehehe. Liking the drums, it really gives you the exotic feel.

9. Rat a Tat

Really like the opening. This is Britney, Courtney, bitch! That sentence had too many commas. A nice contrast from the relaxing YV. I think though, in terms of melody/composition, this song feels a bit disjointed. But I can’t say anything. Me thinks thyself doth protest too much. I really like Courtney Love in this, she has really nice grit in her voice, which I often find absent in female singers.

10. Save Rock n Roll
Since this song is the album’s namesake, I’m expecting epicness. Liking the instrumental at the back. Vocals is good. Waiting, waiting for the epic. Hmmm, the “epic part” was there, I think. Thing is, for me, you can’t just bang the bass drum and expect me to fall on my knees. EJ appears, sounds good. But kind of mundane, and I’m slightly disappointed in how it turned out.


It might appear that I don’t particularly like this album, but I think it just really needs to warm up to me. I think most of the FOB albums were like that to me, and after many listens of the album as a whole and individual songs, I’ll like the new releases much better. Needs to stew inside my heart before it can erupt and cause some “I’m a glass case of emotion” kinda feels.

As of now, they only song that makes me jump up and down in my seat (when I hear it non-live that is) is The Phoenix.

But yes, I still love FOB and I nearly died when I saw them live again. Actually still glowing from watching them. LOVE YOU 5EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!Q#Q@#$)()~

And yes, I love the album cover. Can’t believe it was from Deviantart. I actually didn’t get the full awesomeness of the picture until I saw the original. For those who don’t know, the boy on the left is wearing an ACDC shirt but they photo-shopped it out. It’s supposed to show relationship between two antithetical sides and all that. Not sure how it relates to the album as a whole though, gimme time. I’ll figure it out, I promise.

As a reviewer:

I haven’t read “pro” reviews of the album yet, but personally I think context-wise, this album was a success for FOB. We have to consider their four year hiatus during which the emo wave died out, and was replaced by electric auto-tuned dancy stuff and more recently indie music. I recognize that in this album, there is a variety of genre which would keep the old fans enticed and yet let new fans climb onto the bandwagon as the music style is still relate-able to the newcomers. I think this album will get pretty good ratings since it gives everyone a slice of pie, so to speak. BUT I THINK I LOVE MCR’S DANGER DAYS BETTER IF IT’S BASED ON FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Oh MCR, how I weep for your loss.


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