Vampire Knight Ending

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This post contains spoilers and ranting. You have been warned.

Context: I stopped reading VK quite a while ago because it got too messy, at first I skimmed read it and only paid attention the Shiki Rima parts but then they got less and less screen time so eventually I just gave up.

I did however, read the last chapter twice. It was because it was so unbelievable. ARGH. Seriously. One tiny picture of my OTP walking together hand in hand is supposed to satisfy my fangirl dreams?!

Well, at least I know my OTP (sort of) got together. Because WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED IN THE LOVE TRIANGLE YUUKIxKANAMExZERO???

In the end, Kaname throws himself in fire and gives Zeki his blessing. And man, I feel like Zero has been abused too much. I can’t remember half the shit he’s been through and I still think he’s been through a lot. Why does he have to beg Yuuki to stay with him? And in the end when he died and Yuuki gave her life to Kaname. DOES THAT MEAN IT WAS ALL A LIE?! I feel so betrayed by Yuuki. She’s kind of a jerk. In fact, she seems like the bad-guy who plays with the main girl’s heart. Heck, it makes Zero the heroine who gets played. Now that I think about it, he’s makes a much better main character than Yuuki. I mean, I haven’t read the manga for ages, but I’m pretty sure he’s THE Vampire Knight, right? The series is called Vampire Knight.

Anyways. Though I’m definitely more of a Zeki fan, I think the Yuname(?) Kaki(?) pairing won out. It was kind of sly of Kaname to throw himself into the fire. Because then Yuuki would always choose him because he was no longer a choice. Hmm… yup. Zero, if you wanted to win, you should have jumped in too.

And what was up with the ending? Why did Yuuki want Kaname to live as a human (to die and grow old) ALONE? Has something changed? I thought Kaname held an undying love for Yuuki and without her, the world would mean nothing? Why would he want to live if there was no Yuuki in the world?

So yup. It’s been a long road. I remember when Vampire Knight was extremely epic and I almost screamed when each new episode/chapter came out.

Maybe I’m getting too old for shoujo manga. But that being said, I am completely in love with Ookami Shoujo to Kuro-Ouji. The guy is such a dick and the girl is stupid. But then somehow they work out. Maybe it’s because I can’t stop laughing at how the guy reacts to the girl’s stupidity. He does really irrational things and somehow puts up with the girl in the most hilarious ways.  -SPOILERS-

That being said, I really like the girl (even though she’s stupid.) She’s passionate and instead of wondering about whether or not the main guy likes her, she goes straight up and asks him. ISN’T THAT AWESOME? I really dislike reading chapters of internalizing about whether or not some other character holds feelings for them. Just ask them, it’s not like you’re confessing to them!! That, and also because she has a sense of pride. When the main guy became too mean, she quickly quit playing his game. I was amazed because I thought she was going to be the desperate type and cling and cling and cling onto him.

I really commend her! And I liked how she tried to move on to someone else. Albeit that didn’t work out, but she was quick to stop leading second guy on. But seriously, shoujo mangas make it sound like you have one shot in loving someone and after that it’s impossible to fall in love with someone else. *Cough Aoharu. SERIOUSLY FORGET KOU AND DATE KUCHIKI!!!* And even though ultimately she and the guy got together, it wasn’t because she forgave him unconditionally… (sort of) it was due to the fact that the guy had to show some form of affection to her. Which made me approve with her getting back with him.

And the poor boy does try. He’s so used to being a jerk. But you can see character development. He’s not that mean… anymore, now he’s kinda stupid too. But in the endearing way. Right now, they’re my favorite BAKA-couple. This is a scene where the guy isastounded by the girl’s stupidity… but then does the same thing to stop her. hahaha.



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