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Spoilers ahead, read at your own risk.

I just finished watching Iljimae, I planned to watch it a few years ago, but never really got around to it. I have to say, it was quite good. I think it had a good mix of everything, especially in the first few episodes. There was heaps of toilet humor, love lines and the plot was strong.


The twists were brilliant, too. The tension really kept you on the edge of your seat. I think one of the scenes that left the most impression to me was the reunion between the siblings. Though they were right next to each other, they didn’t know. That was quite heart-breaking because she went and got tortured to reveal his location. It was especially ironic how they literally had Iljimae in the palm of their hands but didn’t know. Though I already knew how the sister would recognize him (the daddy would call Yong’s name) I had no idea how the sister would reveal her identity. So I was really interested in finding that out. That sort of disappointed me because it was those “I heard gossipy villagers talk about something they heard” way, I wish it was something more epic. But anyway… the part which left the greatest impression to me was also one of the things that I enjoyed about this drama was the fact that people you thought wouldn’t die, died. At his sister’s hanging, it was really sad to see how Iljimae was smiling and giving his sister a thumb’s up. Why was he so happy? Cue the flashback to where he tests how to fray the rope with mice, he hung there for a few seconds before the rope gave way. That made me, the audience anticipate for the rope to break and his sister to be saved. Even mafia guy was ready to whisk her away. Then the soldiers pushed her off the block and she hung there. Then there were the same scene in different angles to increase dramatic tension, if I remember correctly, her falling off and hanging there was in slow motion, too. I was waiting, and waiting… for the rope to fray. Iljimae is waiting. The mafia guy was waiting. But after a time, it became clear that Iljimae’s plan did not work as he had hoped. Cue another flashback, this time, to right before the sister’s hanging. The official guard realized how frayed the rope was and promptly replaced the broken one with a new one for hanging.

That was something no one could anticipate. Coupled with the shocking turn of events, Lee Jun Ki’s muffled sobs and tears really really broke my heart. </3

Speaking of crying, I cried when Yong’s dad died. He was such a cutie-pie with his missing tooth and all. I think he is one of the most noble characters I’ve seen since he raised two sons that were not his own and cherished them a lot. He never gave up on either of them, and helped them both out. What made his demise even sadder was the fact that he wasn’t allowed a proper burial due to him pretending to be Iljimae to save Yong. That was really sad. It also reminded me of Ophelia from Hamlet’s funeral scene, too for some reason.

The love lines in the story were interesting. While both have met Yong/Iljimae/Geom in their childhood (so no one wins the childhood lovers brownie points) Both girls were quite the opposite spectrum of each other in terms of personality and status.

Top = BS = loud, cute, poor girl.

Bottom = EC = quiet, elegant, rich girl


In terms of character, I think BS was much more interesting and dynamic than EC who was kept acting like the perfect princess with a mind… oh lalalala, I think  I’m supposed to be impressed by her independence, kindness and sort of rebellious attitude, but I’m not. The reason why? I don’t think her character was very useful in the grand scheme of things. Sure, she was Iljimae’s primary love interest, but that went NO WHERE. And I’m going to dimiss her help with everything else. Just ’cause.

I guess I can understand why Iljimae chooses to be with EC, she was pretty and rich while BS; to him was unrefined and at the start, was more like a sister. But I think the chemistry between BS was much better because she actually knew more of Iljimae’s true-self while the richer girl only saw him for the idealized image she had in her brain.

Up until the end, EC still had absolutely no idea who Iljimae was. That sort of irked me because their relationship due to this was at a standstill, he would just romantically (or creepily, depending on which way you looked at it) appear in her garden at night. While they connected well to a certain extent, in order for their relationship to become stronger and deeper, I think Iljimae really did need to reveal his identity. Engima is exciting and fun but in order for their romance to really develop, a risk Iljimae wasn’t willing to take was needed. I think a good moment to reveal his true self was  when they kissed, but it didn’t happen.


The fangirl in me, screamed that it was wildly romantic, but the cynic in me labelled this as completely irresponsible. Heh. I think kissing someone you don’t know in say, a masquerade ball where both parties think it’s fun and games is all good… BUT!

I think it’s really unfair how Iljimae refuses to let the girl to find out who he is. And why doesn’t he reveal himself? I think, Yong  was scared that if EC did find out Iljimae’s true identity she would just avoid him, reject him, and be sad that her image of hero Iljimae was actually just Yong who she found on the most part annoying but cute. This is in contrast with BS who readily accepted Yoong as Iljimae and even sacrificed herself for him. (But to be honest, I think her sacrifice wasn’t really for anything despite her good-will.)

In the end, when Iljimae appears to start liking BS, probably distraught over the fact that EC’s dad was the perpetrator behind his dad’s murder, and he wasn’t fated to be with EC blah blah blah. He did a totally dick move. He asked BS to go away with him but told her that she wasn’t the one in his heart. What a douche. Seriously? What does that even mean? Expectedly, BS agreed. But dude, what the heck do you think you’re saying?


What really made me burn was the fact that he didn’t send for the girls AFTER everything happened. Wasn’t he supposedly in love with one if not both of them? EC comes back from Jeju four years later and we find out that she hasn’t heard from him at all. I know we’re supposed to be led to think that he’s dead. But really? I doubt anyone thought he was. I totally did not believe for one second that he was dead. Firstly, he’s the main character, but I guess the fact that it was the finale negates this point. But  he was struck down with his dull blade. Sure, master said that it could really kill someone if the wielder tried, but he didn’t have a dying speech.

While at the start of the series I might have thought this was possible that he would die with no parting speech, towards the end, everything was starting to be more predictable so I didn’t reallly believe that Iljimae would unceremoniously just die without some sort of epic dying scene.

BS comes back dressed as a boy with a strange limp. The limp I get, she fell off a cliff. But why as a boy, I guess it’s easier for travelling? t  It’s been four years and her hair is still exactly the same same shaggy cut she gave herself in order to fool the guards into believing that she was Iljimae. She probably hasn’t reconciled with her father and has caught a bit of his wanderlust. I’m disappointed with how angsty she turned out. I wish that the bond she and her dad shared over the years was strong enough to overcome her hatred for the person who killed her brother. Sure, it was her life goal, but when life throws you lemons, you should make lemonade. I was frustrated not because she didn’t kill him but the fact that she ran away. It seems a bit out of place with her character. I thought she would totally be confront.

The director could have done a lot better in addressing side stories (Iljimae’s love interests for one) a bit more thoroughly considering the fact that they were addressed quite often throughout the entire show.

So all in all, I think the first and middle parts of the series, even all the way up to the last episode was good. It was good at evoking emotions and didn’t drag on too much. But some parts, especially with the table of the ministers talking was not too entertaining.


Stole my heart. ❤

Other aspects as why he was still Iljimae when he exacted his revenge is questionable, too. I know it’s supposed to make the audience be like “wow, he’s still alive and well… being Iljimae.” But what did Iljimae stand for throughout the show? It was to find out who conspired to kill his father/family and make them beg for forgiveness. With that done, and the culprit gone bonkers, the original reason for Iljimae has been fulfilled. Why was he still running around stealing things? I think if the drama beforehand emphasized that he was becoming an ally of justice as well as avenging his family more, instead of just stealing things for people to mask his true intentions of going through storerooms, I would find the ending more acceptable. The continuation of his role as Iljimae leaves more questions left unanswered. If there was a second season which answered the questions then this ending would have been all right. But since there is no sequel, I don’t think it served as a good ending because MORE QUESTIONS are left unanswered.


Ikemen Desu Ne! Ep 10

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Lateness = can’t be bothered because I started watching Lie To Me? Good drama.

Shu confesses that he had felt Mio’s boobs when she was drunk. LOL that came out soooooo wrong. Shu gave a good attempt being cute. I give him a thumbs up for that.

And h-hey! It’s a picture of Mio’s mom. I don’t think it was there in the Kdrama? I can’t really see her face but I have a feeling it’s just Mio. xD

Shu finally figures out he would have no chance. Wow, about time? I’m proud of Shu, he finally said something manly. “Don’t make Mio cry.” Good on him.

OMG when the reporter fell into the pool… I hope that was actually a fake camera…. or a waterproof one.

And Nana’s ‘hospital costume’ made her look like a mental patient. I think she was going for cute? Nana can’t yell for apple pie.

Kacho(!) speaks the truth and shit hits the fan. Ren feels guilty and rages at his mom. I don’t get why Ren suddenly doesn’t hate Mio’s dad though, he’s still the reason his mom abandoned him. Huh… it’s something I didn’t think of. Just why did Ren suddenly turn so saintly?

AND LOL the reporter…. if it was actually the Mio Mio hahaahaha. Male Mio is pretty cool. I think the actress suits the cool type better. AND I like his man body. Hehe.

I really want a pig-rabbit, they’re sooo cute. 😀

Airport scene… poor Ren, Mio could have called him first. D: I hate watching people get stood up. Why didn’t Ren call Mio? I wonderrrrr….. normally when you look for people, you’ll call them first??? We live in the 21st century dammit!

Mio is so gay, she can’t be with Ren because she keeps seeing his mom in her face. So uh…. when they kiss? .-.

And what happened to Ren’s usual forcefulness? Should’ve said something Macho or something yuck like that. 😀

And WOW, last episode next time? O>O it says last confession so hm…..

Ikemen Desu ne! Episode 9

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I love how sad Mio is to Shu.


“Ren-san, welcome back!” :- DDD


“Shu-san…” DDD-:


This made me laugh so hard.


Ren’s mom is really good at playing the bitch, I can’t believe Mio didn’t punch her in the face when she went “hehehehehe, shaaammmmeee” (she didn’t really do that, but her tone and actions meant that!)


I was sad that Yuki didn’t sing on the bus like Jeremy did, I thought that it would’ve been awesome. Come to think about it, Shu didn’t sing the “Song for a Fool” either. Hmmm… I am pretty interested in how they’ll make Miko and Mio different though, the Korean version was kinda fail.



Ikemen desu ne ep 8(?) NOT A REVIEW

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I have to say, the episodes are getting better and better. And by far, the Japanese lines are sooo much  more cornier. I guess it’s sweeter. Ren was manly. (Y)

One of the things that peaked my interest was the guest appearance of HTK, but I was severely disappointed, he’s just not good looking anymore!

Okay, compare this…

To this…

Ok, so he changed his hair style, big deal. But what on earth happened to his eyes? They look like they’ve been through plastic surgery. A disclaimer, I have nothing against plastic surgery, really, it makes ugly people look beautiful. BUT when they become ugly AFTER they get their “dental work” then it’s SAD. RAWR. And he was one of my favorites too. T______T

Hmm… Yuuki is cute. Personally, as with the Kdrama, I would totally choose Yuki/Jeremy. Jeremy more than Yuki because his face and body is so much better, so is his singing too. You can bash me for being shallow all you want, you know you like good looking guys too.


Anyway, back to Yuki…. You can tell the guy really loves you when he was willing to accept himself to be gay. And he really took one for the team when they concocted that pasta of doom. Neither Shu nor Ren, though they love Mio soooo much was willing to stop her (which I totally don’t get why they didn’t)Yuki dived in and ate it for her. Now that’s love.  I’m not sure why he had to eat the pasta though. He could have just pulled it away from her and casually drop it onto the ground.

…… and…. Shu still fails. Man, the whole world is helping him and he STILL doesn’t manage to get the girl. I think the point in where he failed beyond return was when he walked off by himself into the terminal. I reckon if he waited for her, Mio would’ve totally went onto the plane with him and begin their relationship. But Shu just left so Ren could do something to get Mio back again. Shu just never learns… and then he sits there and mopes about why he doesn’t get the girl. Heh.

O-oh yeah, Ren’s confession to Mio was manly and cute and awesome. If any guy is reading this, look up what he did and YOU WILL GET YOUR GIRL.

One of the part that I thought was really cute was the

“I’ll only say this once so listen carefully.” 

line. This was done while he had wrapped her in a hug and then he said CLEARLY AND SIMPLY, so she won’t misunderstand (because she is SO DENSE)

“I love you.”

Awwww, isn’t that cute? (and calculating too; he had just pulled the aeroplane/star stunt AND he had pulled her into a hug so she wouldn’t run away before he got to finish.) There is no room for any misinterpretation. Unlike Shu, stooopid Shu. He was going to bring her to his parents before he even told her he liked her. Too many he and hers, how confusing.

Yeah well anyways, Ren pulled a smooth move and Shu is left in the dust. Yuki, you will never win Mio’s affections but I love you. ❤ (as long as you fix your teeth.)

I’m brutal and mean.

Have a nice day. >:D

Ikemen Desu ne Ep 7 IT’S REALLY NOT A REVIEW

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Best episode so far, I think the Japanese episodes are gradually getting better… this contrasts with the Korean one which was awesome all the way through. I guess this means the Jversion might be better than the Kversion in the last few episodes? For now, I plan to continue watching it.


Shu is stupid. He’s trying to be the better man by telling Ren his intentions. Stupid stupid STOOOPID. Like a deranged animal Ren goes rampant, he stops Mio from meeting with Shu (where he was supposed to use this opportunity to confess) with a kiss.


Would that have happened if Shu didn’t tell Ren that he was going to confess to Mio tonight? Note that this tonight was a few hours away, where Ren could do anything.


All the while, Shu was waiting at the restaurant. He tottally got stood up, hehe. But saying that lie was stupid. He’s creating an obstacle for himself by lying to Mio about having a girlfriend. If he had any brains, he would’ve pounced  on her when he was alone with her.

Any chance of Shu being Mio’s lover has been sealed away with Ren’s sudden kiss, I quite like this version of the kiss, I don’t really remember the expression of HTK’s, but I did like how Ren looked surprised himself. 😀 Then I like his awkward walk back. I’m surprised he could find his way back in the dark.


When Nana confronts Mi0, perfect time for Mio to punch her. But she just cries. Boo.

I really like her shoes and clothes, Mio’s that is, when she’s a girl. It’s so cute. Nana’s clothes are cute too, just not as nice (imo) as Mio’s.



Ikemen Desu ne (not a review!) Ep 5-6

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Didn’t watch last week due to…. er forgetting to? xD I’m not a very faithful follower.

So basically Nana is lording over Ren. Mio cries. A lot. Erk.

If I were Mio, I’d give Nana a huge punch in her pretty face. Then somehow figure out a way to blackmail her back, it ought to be easy, she’s completely demonic. Heh. Good thing I’m not a heroine for a drama. For a heroine to be successful, she must keep her holier-than-thou attitude and wait for her prince in shining armour to rescue her.

Ho hum.

Shuu comes in at the most inappropriate times to hold Mio. Seriously, dude, the timing is important. The timing is what makes Ren win. A few face palm moments and hallucinations on the designs of his T-shirts–I swear the first time I looked at it, there was a bunny in front of his shirt. Next time I see it, it’s a dollar sign. Weird.

Ren look so much better when his fringe is down. It covers his eyebrows. *thumbs up!* Then I saw him wearing a sparkling silver track suit with sequins. Does this remind anyone of Kim Joo Won’s sparkly tracksuits from Secret Garden?

I’ll probably end up repeating this every single time, but Yuki looks godly with his mouth closed. How come everyone has really nice teeth aside from Yuki? Also, his hair color is turning straw-like… time for a redye? o.o

N-Next week! I can’t remember what the preview said. Hehe.

Ikemen Desu ne! Ep 3 Not-a-review-really!

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Watched ep 3.

I had to watch this one an annoying Korean streaming site….

The site cuts the video off at random times…. this was an unfortunate time to cut me off. xD



Errr… screenshoted a picture of Ren’s >=3 face, sorry for the LQness. I don’t watch in HQ unless I download. Not as cute as HTK, but that’s just my rabid fangirl perspective. This was when everyone was laughing at him. Heh.

It was excruciating to watch Shu fail at the mini-date he ‘had’ with Mio. I’m guessing we’re supposed to go “awwww” when Mio turns around and doesn’t see him. BUT. Things would’ve been totally different if he just meet up with her instead of doing the stalker-I-will-pay-for-everything-behind-your-back routine.

OR he could’ve done that, to win the brownie points and just sneak up behind her. I’d personally go “Boo!”.

Uh yeah.

For the kiss between Nana (the fairy) and Ren, THEY TOTALLY WEREN’T KISSING. I think.

Jeremy doesn’t play much of a part in this episode, nothing worth mentioning aside from the fact that his hair was tied up in a way that reminded me of a cow.



Ikemen Desu ne! Ep 2 (Not really a review!)

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Just watched episode two of Ikemen desu ne!

If you’ve seen the Kversion of this, these aren’t spoilers, if you haven’t, they might be. DUN DUN DUN.

Let’s just say right now, the K one is topping the J one by far.

Ren does a favorable impression of HTK’s face,

but HTK’s one is much more cuter. (I will try remember to screen shot in the next episode).  Ren’s eyebrows are still making me cringe, especially when I compare it with HTK’s manly ones. >:D


Maybe it’s just me, but the corny lines in the Japanese one exceeds the Korean one by far.  Some moments are too dramatic and makes me feel like they fail when I watch. Don’t slow-mo the hugs!


For the Fairy (I can’t remember her name), she’s cute…. but not bitchy enough in her “real” personality. Her “partner” is weird and annoying, I don’t know why the Jproducers decided to put him there.


The allergic reaction was sad but no where near as brutal as the Kversion.


Shu does a really good job on acting as the second male lead. He was successful as he made me want to slap him, all those opportunities he  could’ve taken to strengthen the bond between him and Mio but nooooo, he just flounders them. IF he had ran after Mio after he found her bursting into tears… he would’ve gained a huge brownie point. But because Ren got there, so of course they’d fall in love later on!


I realized I extremely like Yuki as long as he smiles with his mouth closed. His “gay” moments are cute, but not as cute as Jeremy’s. (But I’m really biased, I. LOVE. HONG. KI! <3)


Oh, I almost forgot about the Aunt. I wish she wore fake neon lipstick in this drama too! I liked the Kversion better.


Am I still watching the next episode? Most likely. But more for the sake of practising my Japanese then for entertainment now! xD

Ikemen desu ne! {Review?}

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Well not really. More like a very one sided opinion of the characters and heaps of comparison to the Korean one. xD I’ll be using the names of the people in the drama because I suck with names. Hum Hum~


The main guy Ren; he looks like Kame… his eyebrows!!! They’re way too manicured…  :O His singing was alright but nowhere near as good as HTK.

Went on paint and got him new eyebrows, fun fun fun! 😀


Yuki looks a whole lot better when he smiles with his mouth closed. Jeremy beats him down by a mile in face and body.


All the guys are too skinny.


Shu looks like a brown cookie, in the looks department, I think he wins out of the three.


The girl, I think, bet the GMN. Looks-wise, Mio looks more like a guy. (Yes, it’s a compliment), singing-wise GMN wins… for now. I think both girls acted quite well, but it’s not over till the fat lady sings. ;DD

The K-J conversion of the songs were done well. I liked the lyrics too. 😀


I won’t spoil too much, but then the whole orphanage thing was weird as… and I guess it was like a filler since Japan seems to love 2 hour open specials… it ended well, and I think the acting was pretty good over all.


So far so good? Right now the Korean wins by far, but I’m waiting to be dazzled by some awesomeness from the Japanese.


You can watch it if you search on Mr. Google.


Man, I love being able to speak Jap, I can watch it all before the subbings finish.





Liar Game II Episode 1 Review

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So after finally much coercing, I’ve finally decided to watch Liar Game II even though I read the manga. I’m glad I did. Though there are a few differences due to the difference in the ending of the round 3 manga and drama.

Since it’s a review there may be spoilers… but as far as I’m concerned nothing earth-trembling and apocalyptic. =]

I quite like the reason why Nao and Akiyama went back into the game. Well Nao’s at least….

Nao being Nao couldn’t let other people be indebted by Liar Game so she decided to rescue them. I don’t know if she’s brave or foolish. Most likely both since she’s so gullible.

To get Akiyama back, one of the organisers, told Akiyama that the mastermind in the drama he met was NOT the actual organiser of the game– he had yet to see the real face behind this madness.

There is a new person who doesn’t appear in the manga. Katsuragi. Supposedly an old acquaintance of Akiyama, (she MAY have been in the Roots of A but I really can’t remember).  Despite her being and OC (original character) I like her. She has this smile that makes me LOL. Haha. And I do love her top hat. She’s some psychologist who has decided to participate in this lovely game. I reckon she just wants to see Akiyama. ;P

Nao goes into round 4 (which is actually the resurrection round in the manga) and meets my favorite character Fukuyama! In his glorious mushroom array he  explains that they will be in the same team 3-man team and the last person would be… dun dun dun….

Akiyama (no duh). They played the really suspenseful music and went for the dramatic effect. They shone a light behind him so you could only see the silhouette of him.

The dealers explain their version of Russian Roulette, which involves fake ammunition and this really weird looking gun. The manga-ka must’ve been rolling in his sleep).

I really loved Fukuyama’s “A-ha~!” it was so funny. And the fat guy (can’t remember superfluous characters’ names) really looked freaked out.

I’ve realised that they didn’t keep Fukuyama as the cross-dresser… I wonder why? So instead of the eye liner, he used pencil shavings to make the traces of “gunpowder”. A sad substitute.

The way to cheat in Russian Roulette is to put all of the bullets into consecutive slots so that when they spin the barrel gravity would do it’s job and the first 6 shots are almost guaranteed to be empty.

I wonder how they’re going to do the Fukuyama♥Akiyama thing… Now that he’s not a transvestite…. They’d probably omit the whole thing. Haha, it’d be interesting if they DID put it in though.

Towards the end Nao realises something… and the episode finishes.

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