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First time writing for a review thing, yay. ^^

One of my newest obsessions, another thing to elude me from studying. I can watch up to four episodes a day. =.=

If i fail any of my tests I’m going to blame it on my friend that introduced this drama to me. Also i am completely ruining my ears by blasting them with the opening of this drama’s theme song; Answer.

Aliases: Detective School Q
Theme songs:
Answer, by FLOW
Stand by me, by Brilliant Green
Five youth intellectuals, are in the Detective Academy Dan Detective Academy, which was founded by a legendary detective, Morihiko Dan. Despite being rivals, they often collaborate to solve difficult cases. A evil organization named “Meiosei”, Pluto, the antagonists of the drama, are behind all of the strange incidents.This is a mystery drama series about friendship and adventures. Caution: It may be very, very addictive.

for:mysterious lovers, girl pervs, action seekers and Jdrama addicts
Genre: Mystery, crime, friendship.

N/A: For more on the cast names refer to wikipedia.


Kamiki Ryunosuke as Kyuu

Shida Mirai
as Minami Megumi

Yamada Ryosuke as Amakusa Ryuu

Kaname Jun
as Toyama Kintaro

Jinnai Takanori as Morihiko Dan

Wakaba Katsumi as Narusawa Kazuma

Okunuki Kaoru as Miss Yurie

Yamamoto Taro as Nanami Kotaro

Suzuki Kazuma as Kerberos

Hoshino Gen as Nekoda Keiji

Akita Makoto as Uemura Haruka

Saiki Shigeru
as Moroboshi Keibu

Personal Character Sypnosis:

The person I like the most in this series is Yamada Ryosuke who plays as ‘Ryuu’ in the series. He plays the cool genius who has a dark mysterious past (doesn’t he remind you of Uchiha Sasuke?), though he doesn’t talk and socialize much with his peers he still cares about his classmates in times of danger. I really like the way he dress, eg. a collar shirt and a tie, it soo cool ^~^  Though he’s not THAT good at acting and singing right now, I’m sure in a few years time he would be really, really popular.

Kyuu the one in the five i like second best, he’s more of the sweet optimistic sort than the silent ice cool type, he is a brilliant detective and can solve things logically. I personally think Kyuu is adorable but my friends thinks otherwise, the adjective he is usually described as in my little circle is ‘plain’, ‘ordinary’ and ‘not as cool as Ryuu’.

Megumi more commonly called as ‘Megu’ has a unique talent of photographic memory. This allows her to remember every detail in a crime scene that has been proves useful over numerous occasions. To me she is quite pretty, but at first when I saw her in the maid unifrom I thought otherwise… In the drama she helps out at a maid cafe hence making her an otaku idol.

Kazuma, the computer whiz, at first I didn’t care much about him. But now I think he’s pretty pro, especially when he is on his computer. I think it was in episode three; he had a crush on this girl who worked at a flower shop, a hilarious ending. I liked his clothes in that episode. XD

Kinta, the oldest, most tallest of the five. I never really liked him cause to me he’s too old and doesn’t fit it properly. Kinta is good at fighting and somewhat lacking in intelligence when it comes to solving mysteries… I don’t know why he wants to be a detective. =.=


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