Guide for the Socially Awkward – One

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Hi guys, it’s been ten days. I’ve been making an effort. Seriously! I will highlight the events of last week-ish and see if I did anything to improve being less socially awkward. I’ll also highlight some of the stuff I didn’t do so well and how to improve on those parts.


1. How to approach people and talk to them!

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself in this one. Lemme recount what happened, I want to brag because this is a personal success.

So it goes: one Wednesday night, I message my friend asking if she was going to go to debating the following night.

WAIT, I need to provide you guys with some context. This is very important understand the situation. hur. And yes, I’m in the debating club at uni. Basically, I’m quite introverted and I HATE SPEECHES. I don’t know how to emphasize that enough. My team-drag mark in English was my speeches. ARGH. Anyways. I hate them to the core so I must admit I’m a slight masochist in regards to the fact that I willingly throwing myself out into a club which makes me prepare and present a six-minute speech each week. And I had to pay 10NZD to join for the whole year too! Whoopee! I joined mainly because I wanted to try improve my speaking skills and be more outgoing. Quite a few times during this semester, I’ve always thought to myself: “WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING!”

Back to my story, my friend messages me and says that she’s stuck in Wellington (she went down there for some form of awards ceremony for all them scholarships she got) due to bad weather.

So here I thought. Cool! This is a perfect excuse to ditch going to debating and stay at home, procrastinate, sleep, eat. Some personal me time. But then I thought. Wait up! I should be independent and try socialize with my club. (I usually just talk to my friend and nobody else.)

And so I went to the debating meeting. And I sat there. Alone. All by myself. -cue Celine Dion- for about ten minutes. There was no wi-fi in that part of the university. I was alone.

THEN! <—- *please think of some sort of triumphant fanfare*

I see this girl walk into the room and she arrived alone. Normally, because I’m an introvert, I wouldn’t give a second glance and continue to fiddle with my phone. I like reading fanfic. And I had a fanfic app. Sooooo0 yeah.

Fanfic > stranger’s company any day!

But I thought, I really need to work on my socializing skills. So I sat up straighter and put my phone away.

So why did I sit up straighter? I don’t know if it’s just me, but if someone is slouching, they look kind of unapproachable. So this is me trying to make a good impression. Body language is important, and I read somewhere online, that if your body language is more open, it’s like a subconscious invitation for people to approach you.

And the phone thing is kind of intuitive. Or should I say counter-intuitive. I am a master of avoiding social interaction. And might I say, the best ways to do that is to (this is with a phone, the list would get way too long sans phone):

A) Jam in your earphones and close your eyes and act like you’re sleeping
B)  Be on the phone with someone
C) Pretend to be texting someone/act busy on your phone

<— these are btw, not in any particular order

so wanting to invite more social interaction in this occassion, I put my phone away.

Then I gave a smile at her, which I hoped to  be friendly.

This is me.

Anyways, SUCCESS. She came and approached me. I felt like I won a war. After that I started talking to her.

Points I covered (generic stuff) Useful for people

1. Do you come to debating club often? + comment: look how there’s very little people here when there’s no free food! (Our pizza budget went to paying for people’s fuel for their competition or something.)

2. What do you study? -> prompted by the bridge thing she was holding. Then we had that small talk of “oh, what you’re studying is so cool” kind of thing.

3.  Where do you come from? Blah blah. I complain about my commuting time, how I hate the bus etc. She talks about her circumstances.

4. How we think of university life, since we’re both first years.

At this point, TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES HAD PASSED. There weren’t TOO many awkward pauses. We got put into the same team for debating coincidentally and we started talking about that instead.

I think the most awkwardest part was when I forgot to introduce myself, and never asked for her name. So it was about the fifteen minute mark, that I realized I didn’t know her name and I hadn’t bothered telling her mine. I was wondering how to slip it in casually. But hur. A++ for first attempt! Luckily, since we got put in the same team for debating, I learnt her name and then she learnt mine.


She remembered my name! T____T You don’t know how happy I am for that. I think throughout the whole of high school only two teachers remembered my name. Otherwise, I was generic Asian girl with pony-tail no. ####

So yes. Points to remember:

1. Force yourself to be alone WITHOUT YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICE
2. Open body language.
3. Smile (nicely) <- something I have yet to master. I took a photo with my baby cousin and some random aunty (at church) looked at the picture and said I looked evil in it. Albeit she said it jokingly, this sort of nonchalant comment really does blow my self-esteem through the roof. [/sarcasm]
4. When talking about stuff, complain a lot. Ok. Maybe not a lot. Not to the point where you’re whiny. But throw something out which displeases you and see how they react to it. If they’re like “YEAH OMG, WTFBBQ ME TOOOOOO!!!” then complain more. Otherwise, move on. I’m pretty sure if you’re anything like me, you’ll have plenty to pick at.
5. Try slip your name somewhere when talking to them. Because the chances and the awkwardness of trying to find out their name just increases exponentially with each passing minute.

Then I also managed to talk to someone in one of my classes. I don’t know her name, she didn’t know mine. But we sat together for a lab and we mulled over the questions together. Guess that’s a good start?

2. How to dress better “Because the Outside Counts as Much as the Inside” (BOCMI)

Context: My face is average. I’m short and I haven’t grown since I was in intermediate… if I do exercise, I get muscular really easily. If I don’t, my ‘abs turn into flab’ at the blink of the eye. It’s winter right now, so I’m going to call this my bulking season.

I’m one of those people who could walk right past you and you wouldn’t even notice. Usually I use that to my advantage.  I’ve never gotten a late detention in high school. I arrived at around 9am while homeroom starts at 8:25am. My friends notice, but then other than that, nothing.

So this week, I went to get my eyebrows shaped. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with eyebrows that are perfectly nice, they’re on the bushy side. And they’re shaped really strangely. Not a monobrow or anything like that, but they’re there, there, there. Then! Suddenly there’s this patch. A bald spot. And then it continues for a bit and then my eyebrows end. I was born with it, and I can’t do much about it. I went to get them done because I wanted to look clean, and I guess getting rid of excess facial hair is the right way to start. Give me a pat on the back. 😀

3) How to not be so derpy

This is my downfall. It’s raining and I hate getting wet. So I ran. I’m quite a fast sprinter. Must be the Ninja blood running through my veins. (and I didn’t have an umbrella with me… so smart!!)


I must look where I go so I don’t crash or bump into people.
I must look where I go so I don’t crash or bump into people.
I must look where I go so I don’t crash or bump into people.
I must look where I go so I don’t crash or bump into people.

I’m blaming it on the weather, my derpiness for this week went up. -1 for Team Me.

4) What to do in ___ situations.

I have a problem of fumbling with coins on the bus/cashier. I still haven’t found the method on handling them. BUT as an alternative, if I use my cashflow card I don’t need to fumble with coins. I just need to make sure I press the right buttons.

Solved a minor problem?

For next time!

1) How to approach people and talk to them –  Try talk to more people if the opportunity arises. Try not be creepy or too calculative.

2) How to dress better – Figure out how to stay warm and not look like a marshmallow snowman.

Oh right. My friend asked me one day: why do you look so sad?

Me: That’s my normal face.

<- so I guess, that’s one thing I have to work on. Look happier! Figure out how to smile. I’ll get back to you on that.

3) How to not be so derpy – Don’t know if there’s a cure, but I’ll work on it. I’m going to bring my umbrella so I don’t crash into people anymore.

4) What to do in ___ situations – we’ll tackle this when the situation comes. Don’t hold your breath.


Takahashi Yuu – Bowling 高橋優 ボーリング

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My friend sent me a song. Currently what I feel like right now. Exams are in two weeks and I am so behind. I need to get an A average to get into second year of law. Don’t know if I can. So studying sucks, since I’m putting in effort without knowing that I’ll get what I need. .___. Basically this song is about how he wishes the world would run his way, and how he wishes to be over-achieving without working hard. Dunno if that’s your dream, but that’s mine! -thumbs up!- I guess this is a song full of first world problems, but it really holds true to my heart.

I translated my own lyrics, hopefully they’re right…


あぁ面倒臭ぇ! 朝起きなきゃならないのが

Oh it sucks! Having to get up in the morning!
面倒臭ぇ! 二度寝をしなきゃならないのに

Oh it sucks! I want to continue sleeping!
面倒臭ぇ! 布団の温度は丁度いいのに 夢の続きが気になるのに

Oh it sucks! The temperature of the bed is perfect. I wanted to find out what happened in the dream next.

面倒臭ぇ! 仕事にいかなきゃならないのが
Oh it sucks! Having to go to work!
面倒臭ぇ! 行けば行ったで頑張るんだけど
Oh it sucks! If I went, I would have given it my best but

頭も痛ぇ! 今日だけあそこの職場が 消滅しちまえばいいのに
my head hurts!  Just for today I wish my workplace could just disappear!

I want to eat yummy meals without having to work for them

I want to sleep on a soft bed without working hard.
If only the world would spin
just for my own convenience, how great would that be!

あぁ面倒臭ぇ! 話を合わさなきゃならないのが
Oh, it sucks! Having to watch what I say,
面倒臭ぇ! つまんないのに面白いふりすんのが
Oh it sucks! Having to pretend I’m having fun even though I’m bored!
嘘臭ぇ! 君やいつものあいつらと ボーリングに行きたいのに
I’m full of lies! I just wanted to go bowling with you and the others!

面倒臭ぇ! 生きていかなきゃならないのは
Oh it sucks! Having to live!
面倒臭ぇ! 心配事や難しいことが
It sucks! Worrisome things and hardships
絶え間ねぇ! 君を悲しませる人全て 滅亡してくれりゃいいのに
Never end! If only all those who make me sad could disappear!

I want to be in the elite class without having to go mad.
If that happens I want to give you an amazing present
君にだけ都合のいいように 人類が動いてくれりゃいいのに
If only everyone could move to your convenience

I want to become a professional without the hard work
I want to love  without getting hurt
僕らにだけ都合のいいように 全宇宙が団結してくれりゃいいのに
If only the whole universe could contrive to fit my own convenience!



Aa mendoukusee! asa oki nakya naranai no ga
Mendokusee! nidone wo shinakya naranai no ni
Mendokusee! futon no ondo wa choudo ii no ni yume no tsuzuki ga ki ni naru no ni

Mendokusee! shigoto ni ikanakya naranai no ga
Mendokusee! ikeba itta de ganbaru ndakedo
Atama mo itee! kyou dake asoko no shokuba ga shoumetsu shichimaeba ii no ni

Hatarakanakute mo oishii gohan ga tabetai
Ganbaranakute mo yawarakai beddo de nemuritai
Boku ni dake tsugou no ii you ni
Sekai ga mawatte kurerya ii no ni

Aa mendoukusee! hanashi wo awasanakya naranai no ga
Mendokusee! tsumannai no ni omoshiroi furi sun no ga
Uso kusee! kimi ya itsumo no aitsura to booringu ni ikitai no ni

Mendokusee! ikite ikanakya naranai no wa
Mendokusee! shinpaigoto ya muzukashii koto ga
Taemanee! kimi wo kanshimaseru hito subete metsubou shite kurerya ii no ni

Okorarenakute mo eriito kurasu de aritai
Soshitara kimi ni suteki na purezento wo agetai
Kimi ni dake tsugou no ii you ni jinrui ga ugoite kurerya ii no ni

Doryoku shinakute mo purofesshonaru ni naritai
Kizutsukenakute mo aishiaeru hito de aritai
Bokura ni dake tsugou no ii you ni zenuchuu ga danketsu shite kurerya ii no ni





Falling in love with (yet another old) man

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I’m the opposite of a cougar. What do hip people call me? Oh, right. A grave-digger. I’ve always had an obsession with old people. Well, not old per say, but they’re about twice my age.

Instead of Edward Cullen, Taylor Laut??? and One Direction, I like Gerard Way, Leonardo Di Caprio, Antonio Banderas, and HYDE (he’s Peter Pan who will never grow old but he’s 44 this year!!!!)

Anyways, adding a new one to my collection. I’ve actually like him before, but then not to this extent. Seriously, this man. If velvet was liquid, this is what it would sound like….




Guide for the Socially Awkward – Preamble

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Ok, I’m going to try and do a weekly running theme. To help my fellow brethren get past this wall of social awkwardness that I’m trying to scale right now too.

Little background information about myself. I’m 18 this year, and have been feeling pretty cheated of life as of now. When I was 11 I thought high school would be epic, you know, with romance and drama. I got all that…. only that it was in the form of media on a computer or TV screen. I’ve never even been to a party-party. OK, maybe I was wrong to expect my life to be like Gossip Girl or something, but really? I spent my last few birthdays playing board games. Board games like Scrabble and Dixit. I can guarantee they’re lovely games. But these are my spring years, I ought to act in an uncouthly manner. Y’know with drinking, partying and bad mistakes. 

So I’ve hit college (or university, whatever you want to call it.) and it finally took me now to realize, NOTHING IS EVER GOING TO CHANGE IF I CONTINUE TO ACT LIKE THIS.

And so, I’m going to try be more social, watch me fall fly. Hence, this is going to be more of a introspective kind of thing. But I wanted to write it on a public platform for people to read because a) I want to help out my fellow socially inept comrades (you can learn from my experiences, be it good or bad.) and b) I feel like I’m slightly insane when I write in my diary. You know that no one is ever going to read it, yet you write it out as though someone would. As if your diary is some sort of entity that reads what you wrote. So, hm. 

Stuff that I hope I will be able to find out.

1) How to approach people and talk to them

2) How to dress better

3) How to not be so derpy

4) What to do in ___ situations.

First one is quite simple, I will count it as a success if I can talk to a complete stranger and carry a conversation for at least three minutes (was thinking of five, but let’s not bite off more than we can chew.) Stuff to do include righting my body language, getting better self-esteem, and learning how to respond to people’s signals. hoho. If only it was so simple!

Second one: Buy nicer clothes??? 

Third -> this one is really hard. And I think it’d help if I defined what I mean by derpy. I think this was one of the most embarrassing and derpy moments for me (in the past year.) I’m glad no one I have to associate with (who aren’t one of my close friends–they have already accepted me for who I am, thank God…) is reading this.

Okay. So basically, I was getting some form of recognition in high school and it involved me walking across stage. You have to shake the (deputy) head boy/girl, principal etc  hands… so I walked up the stage semi-gracefully. I didn’t trip up the stairs as one girl before me did. Good job right there! And I just walked across stage. See where the problem was? I literally just walked across the stage and didn’t shake any of the people’s hands. In fact, I didn’t even notice what I was doing (or what I wasn’t doing) before the head boy hissed my name and then I doubled back to shake their hands. I don’t know what I was doing or what I wasn’t doing. And so here you go. My definition of derp/derpiness/derpy is more of the state of unawareness to my surroundings or situations… which makes me a really, really awkward person when I’m trying to be concious of my environment. <- this sentence is awkward.

Number four. This is more like the bonus section, what the Japs call omake. ;D I want to learn how to respond to certain situations. ie. when people sing Happy Birthday to you, where do you look? How do you go about putting cash back into your wallet without dropping all your coins?

That sort of thing.

So that’s sort of the parameters of my goals/direction I want to take. I’ll try be more proactive this week. We’ll see… exams are in three weeks. Might put this off. Dun dun dun. Don’t hold your breath.

Final words of wisdom for the preamble, it’s a snappy comeback my friend said to me. An assignment mark was supposed to come back on the 15th or something, and she spend the whole day waiting. This is the conversation that took place.

Me: Don’t worry, the night is still young. 

Friend:  Yeah but our facilitators aren’t. They’re probs in bed right now.

May the awkwardness leave your side and be replaced with social dexterity!

Just realized…

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Quick post. This is my procrastination while I’m putting off my geography assignment. Whoever said geography is easier than ‘real’ science, they’re wrong. WRONG AS HELL. I’m telling you this now. I do both. 



Don’t you think these look similar?



Just noticed while I was listening to 人生x僕 and wanted to point that out. I think out of the OOR album I like 69 the best. *giggles* 


Fall Out Boy, Save Rock And Roll Album Review.

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Listen to the album here.

I’m going to listen the album in full once through first to get the overall impressions out of the way. Usually, I just concentrate on the the vocals unless the instrumentals do something amazing.

1. The Phoenix

Love the song, it’s my favorite song in the album and I fell in love with from the first hearing. Stump’s vocals are intense in the chorus! Not sure how well he’ll sing this in lives though, I heard a bit of it (the chorus) when he came over, but it sounded like he was running out of breath (IT’S OKAY, I STILL LOVE YOU.)
I quite like the lyrics, especially about the but I’m actually quite disappointed that the song title is so short (very unlike FOB!)

2. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)

I’m biased to this song because it was the first one they decided to released. At first, I wasn’t too impressed, I thought it sounded too hip-hop but then when I heard FOB play live, I loved it. FOB really do know how to write anthems. Some people don’t like anthemy songs, but I think singalongability counts.

3. Alone Together
First impression of this song, to be honest, I’m not very impressed. IS THAT AUTO-TONE tune I heard? (Might just be my laggy computer which ends up making sounds quite synthetic.) but the song about how we stay young forever, somehow, it feels TOO MAINSTREAM. Ugh, it just feels like something JB would say. Not particularly liking the chorus backing Stump’s vocal either, I guess I could pass it off as cues to when the crowd should scream during the live but, no. I find that it makes the song extremely cheerleader-ish.

Now I’m confused, might just be how the playlist is playing, it feels like a different song MAYBE IT IS, hur. Anyway, this second part sounds more like the FOB I like. Mind you, I support change, bands are meant to grow. My obsession with L’arc en ciel (just celebrated their 20th anniversary) is proof of that. I don’t mind bands experimenting their sounds, but I wish they could do it in a way where they won’t alienate their old fans. xD So yes, I’m demanding that if they change, they should change in the way I like. Sue me.

And at this point, I’d like to mention how very un “rock ‘n’ roll” this album is feeling to me right now, despite its namesake. But then again it took me quite a while to warm up to all the songs in Folie e deux. Now I love pretty much every song from that album.

4. Just One Yesterday
The intro sounds solid. I like the rhythm. I’m kind of disappointed in the chorus, thought that they’d be more boom. Zoned-out through the rest of the song, until the chorus. Unfortunately, while Foxes has a nice voice, I am really not feeling the rock and I am not rolling. And I swear, the lyrics aren’t very original. I don’t know when I realized, but the lyrics are identical to Willie Nelson’s “I’ll trade my tomorrows for one yesterday.” I’m pretty sure it’s on purpose, but I’m too ignorant to know the meaning behind having similar lyrics.

5. The Mighty Fall
Was excited for three seconds until I heard the “uh uh uh.” Again, it sounds very hip-hop. As you can tell, I’m not too fond of the genre so when they have people going “ho!!” in the background, I’m not too impressed. That being said, from what I can hear from the lyrics, I like them. I thought from The Phoenix, during their hiatus, Stump fixed his (awesome) pronunciation but guess he’s back to the original FOB style where you have to search up the lyrics to sing along. I’m not going to complain about this, it separates the real fans from the non-real ones. Heh.

Now there’s rap. Ew. Ew. Ew. I’m not a big fan of rap unless it’s Chris Rene or eminem, don’t like this guy. MAKE IT STOP. It’s a mighty fall indeed. It had the potential to be one of my favorites, too. D:

6. Miss Missing You
Intro sounds very retro. Liking it, but right now I’m not completely buzzing from the song. I think this song has potential to be one of my favorite songs in the album but it’ll take time and multiple re-listens to bump it up.

7. Death Valley

Promising opening. I still feel like they’re using auto-tune. ARE THEY? I can’t trust my hearing. WEEE I like Stump’s falsetto here. Yes, the awesomeness ❤ Liking the dynamics in this song that the previous one seemed to have lacked. Obviously they made this song more dancey, not too sure I like the break-down at the bridge. Hmm, gimme time to warm up to it.

8. Young Volcanoes.
I quite like it, the acoustic is a nice change in the electric sounds, and it’s refreshing so you don’t get tired from just one type of instrument. One of my friends said that it sounds like James Blunt’s “Stay the Night”. I concur. I like the laugh after they say “ass-holes.” Hehehe. Liking the drums, it really gives you the exotic feel.

9. Rat a Tat

Really like the opening. This is Britney, Courtney, bitch! That sentence had too many commas. A nice contrast from the relaxing YV. I think though, in terms of melody/composition, this song feels a bit disjointed. But I can’t say anything. Me thinks thyself doth protest too much. I really like Courtney Love in this, she has really nice grit in her voice, which I often find absent in female singers.

10. Save Rock n Roll
Since this song is the album’s namesake, I’m expecting epicness. Liking the instrumental at the back. Vocals is good. Waiting, waiting for the epic. Hmmm, the “epic part” was there, I think. Thing is, for me, you can’t just bang the bass drum and expect me to fall on my knees. EJ appears, sounds good. But kind of mundane, and I’m slightly disappointed in how it turned out.


It might appear that I don’t particularly like this album, but I think it just really needs to warm up to me. I think most of the FOB albums were like that to me, and after many listens of the album as a whole and individual songs, I’ll like the new releases much better. Needs to stew inside my heart before it can erupt and cause some “I’m a glass case of emotion” kinda feels.

As of now, they only song that makes me jump up and down in my seat (when I hear it non-live that is) is The Phoenix.

But yes, I still love FOB and I nearly died when I saw them live again. Actually still glowing from watching them. LOVE YOU 5EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!Q#Q@#$)()~

And yes, I love the album cover. Can’t believe it was from Deviantart. I actually didn’t get the full awesomeness of the picture until I saw the original. For those who don’t know, the boy on the left is wearing an ACDC shirt but they photo-shopped it out. It’s supposed to show relationship between two antithetical sides and all that. Not sure how it relates to the album as a whole though, gimme time. I’ll figure it out, I promise.

As a reviewer:

I haven’t read “pro” reviews of the album yet, but personally I think context-wise, this album was a success for FOB. We have to consider their four year hiatus during which the emo wave died out, and was replaced by electric auto-tuned dancy stuff and more recently indie music. I recognize that in this album, there is a variety of genre which would keep the old fans enticed and yet let new fans climb onto the bandwagon as the music style is still relate-able to the newcomers. I think this album will get pretty good ratings since it gives everyone a slice of pie, so to speak. BUT I THINK I LOVE MCR’S DANGER DAYS BETTER IF IT’S BASED ON FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Oh MCR, how I weep for your loss.

Iljimae Drama Rant

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Spoilers ahead, read at your own risk.

I just finished watching Iljimae, I planned to watch it a few years ago, but never really got around to it. I have to say, it was quite good. I think it had a good mix of everything, especially in the first few episodes. There was heaps of toilet humor, love lines and the plot was strong.


The twists were brilliant, too. The tension really kept you on the edge of your seat. I think one of the scenes that left the most impression to me was the reunion between the siblings. Though they were right next to each other, they didn’t know. That was quite heart-breaking because she went and got tortured to reveal his location. It was especially ironic how they literally had Iljimae in the palm of their hands but didn’t know. Though I already knew how the sister would recognize him (the daddy would call Yong’s name) I had no idea how the sister would reveal her identity. So I was really interested in finding that out. That sort of disappointed me because it was those “I heard gossipy villagers talk about something they heard” way, I wish it was something more epic. But anyway… the part which left the greatest impression to me was also one of the things that I enjoyed about this drama was the fact that people you thought wouldn’t die, died. At his sister’s hanging, it was really sad to see how Iljimae was smiling and giving his sister a thumb’s up. Why was he so happy? Cue the flashback to where he tests how to fray the rope with mice, he hung there for a few seconds before the rope gave way. That made me, the audience anticipate for the rope to break and his sister to be saved. Even mafia guy was ready to whisk her away. Then the soldiers pushed her off the block and she hung there. Then there were the same scene in different angles to increase dramatic tension, if I remember correctly, her falling off and hanging there was in slow motion, too. I was waiting, and waiting… for the rope to fray. Iljimae is waiting. The mafia guy was waiting. But after a time, it became clear that Iljimae’s plan did not work as he had hoped. Cue another flashback, this time, to right before the sister’s hanging. The official guard realized how frayed the rope was and promptly replaced the broken one with a new one for hanging.

That was something no one could anticipate. Coupled with the shocking turn of events, Lee Jun Ki’s muffled sobs and tears really really broke my heart. </3

Speaking of crying, I cried when Yong’s dad died. He was such a cutie-pie with his missing tooth and all. I think he is one of the most noble characters I’ve seen since he raised two sons that were not his own and cherished them a lot. He never gave up on either of them, and helped them both out. What made his demise even sadder was the fact that he wasn’t allowed a proper burial due to him pretending to be Iljimae to save Yong. That was really sad. It also reminded me of Ophelia from Hamlet’s funeral scene, too for some reason.

The love lines in the story were interesting. While both have met Yong/Iljimae/Geom in their childhood (so no one wins the childhood lovers brownie points) Both girls were quite the opposite spectrum of each other in terms of personality and status.

Top = BS = loud, cute, poor girl.

Bottom = EC = quiet, elegant, rich girl


In terms of character, I think BS was much more interesting and dynamic than EC who was kept acting like the perfect princess with a mind… oh lalalala, I think  I’m supposed to be impressed by her independence, kindness and sort of rebellious attitude, but I’m not. The reason why? I don’t think her character was very useful in the grand scheme of things. Sure, she was Iljimae’s primary love interest, but that went NO WHERE. And I’m going to dimiss her help with everything else. Just ’cause.

I guess I can understand why Iljimae chooses to be with EC, she was pretty and rich while BS; to him was unrefined and at the start, was more like a sister. But I think the chemistry between BS was much better because she actually knew more of Iljimae’s true-self while the richer girl only saw him for the idealized image she had in her brain.

Up until the end, EC still had absolutely no idea who Iljimae was. That sort of irked me because their relationship due to this was at a standstill, he would just romantically (or creepily, depending on which way you looked at it) appear in her garden at night. While they connected well to a certain extent, in order for their relationship to become stronger and deeper, I think Iljimae really did need to reveal his identity. Engima is exciting and fun but in order for their romance to really develop, a risk Iljimae wasn’t willing to take was needed. I think a good moment to reveal his true self was  when they kissed, but it didn’t happen.


The fangirl in me, screamed that it was wildly romantic, but the cynic in me labelled this as completely irresponsible. Heh. I think kissing someone you don’t know in say, a masquerade ball where both parties think it’s fun and games is all good… BUT!

I think it’s really unfair how Iljimae refuses to let the girl to find out who he is. And why doesn’t he reveal himself? I think, Yong  was scared that if EC did find out Iljimae’s true identity she would just avoid him, reject him, and be sad that her image of hero Iljimae was actually just Yong who she found on the most part annoying but cute. This is in contrast with BS who readily accepted Yoong as Iljimae and even sacrificed herself for him. (But to be honest, I think her sacrifice wasn’t really for anything despite her good-will.)

In the end, when Iljimae appears to start liking BS, probably distraught over the fact that EC’s dad was the perpetrator behind his dad’s murder, and he wasn’t fated to be with EC blah blah blah. He did a totally dick move. He asked BS to go away with him but told her that she wasn’t the one in his heart. What a douche. Seriously? What does that even mean? Expectedly, BS agreed. But dude, what the heck do you think you’re saying?


What really made me burn was the fact that he didn’t send for the girls AFTER everything happened. Wasn’t he supposedly in love with one if not both of them? EC comes back from Jeju four years later and we find out that she hasn’t heard from him at all. I know we’re supposed to be led to think that he’s dead. But really? I doubt anyone thought he was. I totally did not believe for one second that he was dead. Firstly, he’s the main character, but I guess the fact that it was the finale negates this point. But  he was struck down with his dull blade. Sure, master said that it could really kill someone if the wielder tried, but he didn’t have a dying speech.

While at the start of the series I might have thought this was possible that he would die with no parting speech, towards the end, everything was starting to be more predictable so I didn’t reallly believe that Iljimae would unceremoniously just die without some sort of epic dying scene.

BS comes back dressed as a boy with a strange limp. The limp I get, she fell off a cliff. But why as a boy, I guess it’s easier for travelling? t  It’s been four years and her hair is still exactly the same same shaggy cut she gave herself in order to fool the guards into believing that she was Iljimae. She probably hasn’t reconciled with her father and has caught a bit of his wanderlust. I’m disappointed with how angsty she turned out. I wish that the bond she and her dad shared over the years was strong enough to overcome her hatred for the person who killed her brother. Sure, it was her life goal, but when life throws you lemons, you should make lemonade. I was frustrated not because she didn’t kill him but the fact that she ran away. It seems a bit out of place with her character. I thought she would totally be confront.

The director could have done a lot better in addressing side stories (Iljimae’s love interests for one) a bit more thoroughly considering the fact that they were addressed quite often throughout the entire show.

So all in all, I think the first and middle parts of the series, even all the way up to the last episode was good. It was good at evoking emotions and didn’t drag on too much. But some parts, especially with the table of the ministers talking was not too entertaining.


Stole my heart. ❤

Other aspects as why he was still Iljimae when he exacted his revenge is questionable, too. I know it’s supposed to make the audience be like “wow, he’s still alive and well… being Iljimae.” But what did Iljimae stand for throughout the show? It was to find out who conspired to kill his father/family and make them beg for forgiveness. With that done, and the culprit gone bonkers, the original reason for Iljimae has been fulfilled. Why was he still running around stealing things? I think if the drama beforehand emphasized that he was becoming an ally of justice as well as avenging his family more, instead of just stealing things for people to mask his true intentions of going through storerooms, I would find the ending more acceptable. The continuation of his role as Iljimae leaves more questions left unanswered. If there was a second season which answered the questions then this ending would have been all right. But since there is no sequel, I don’t think it served as a good ending because MORE QUESTIONS are left unanswered.

Ikemen Desu Ne! Ep 10

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Lateness = can’t be bothered because I started watching Lie To Me? Good drama.

Shu confesses that he had felt Mio’s boobs when she was drunk. LOL that came out soooooo wrong. Shu gave a good attempt being cute. I give him a thumbs up for that.

And h-hey! It’s a picture of Mio’s mom. I don’t think it was there in the Kdrama? I can’t really see her face but I have a feeling it’s just Mio. xD

Shu finally figures out he would have no chance. Wow, about time? I’m proud of Shu, he finally said something manly. “Don’t make Mio cry.” Good on him.

OMG when the reporter fell into the pool… I hope that was actually a fake camera…. or a waterproof one.

And Nana’s ‘hospital costume’ made her look like a mental patient. I think she was going for cute? Nana can’t yell for apple pie.

Kacho(!) speaks the truth and shit hits the fan. Ren feels guilty and rages at his mom. I don’t get why Ren suddenly doesn’t hate Mio’s dad though, he’s still the reason his mom abandoned him. Huh… it’s something I didn’t think of. Just why did Ren suddenly turn so saintly?

AND LOL the reporter…. if it was actually the Mio Mio hahaahaha. Male Mio is pretty cool. I think the actress suits the cool type better. AND I like his man body. Hehe.

I really want a pig-rabbit, they’re sooo cute. 😀

Airport scene… poor Ren, Mio could have called him first. D: I hate watching people get stood up. Why didn’t Ren call Mio? I wonderrrrr….. normally when you look for people, you’ll call them first??? We live in the 21st century dammit!

Mio is so gay, she can’t be with Ren because she keeps seeing his mom in her face. So uh…. when they kiss? .-.

And what happened to Ren’s usual forcefulness? Should’ve said something Macho or something yuck like that. 😀

And WOW, last episode next time? O>O it says last confession so hm…..

Ikemen Desu ne! Episode 9

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I love how sad Mio is to Shu.


“Ren-san, welcome back!” :- DDD


“Shu-san…” DDD-:


This made me laugh so hard.


Ren’s mom is really good at playing the bitch, I can’t believe Mio didn’t punch her in the face when she went “hehehehehe, shaaammmmeee” (she didn’t really do that, but her tone and actions meant that!)


I was sad that Yuki didn’t sing on the bus like Jeremy did, I thought that it would’ve been awesome. Come to think about it, Shu didn’t sing the “Song for a Fool” either. Hmmm… I am pretty interested in how they’ll make Miko and Mio different though, the Korean version was kinda fail.



Ikemen desu ne ep 8(?) NOT A REVIEW

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I have to say, the episodes are getting better and better. And by far, the Japanese lines are sooo much  more cornier. I guess it’s sweeter. Ren was manly. (Y)

One of the things that peaked my interest was the guest appearance of HTK, but I was severely disappointed, he’s just not good looking anymore!

Okay, compare this…

To this…

Ok, so he changed his hair style, big deal. But what on earth happened to his eyes? They look like they’ve been through plastic surgery. A disclaimer, I have nothing against plastic surgery, really, it makes ugly people look beautiful. BUT when they become ugly AFTER they get their “dental work” then it’s SAD. RAWR. And he was one of my favorites too. T______T

Hmm… Yuuki is cute. Personally, as with the Kdrama, I would totally choose Yuki/Jeremy. Jeremy more than Yuki because his face and body is so much better, so is his singing too. You can bash me for being shallow all you want, you know you like good looking guys too.


Anyway, back to Yuki…. You can tell the guy really loves you when he was willing to accept himself to be gay. And he really took one for the team when they concocted that pasta of doom. Neither Shu nor Ren, though they love Mio soooo much was willing to stop her (which I totally don’t get why they didn’t)Yuki dived in and ate it for her. Now that’s love.  I’m not sure why he had to eat the pasta though. He could have just pulled it away from her and casually drop it onto the ground.

…… and…. Shu still fails. Man, the whole world is helping him and he STILL doesn’t manage to get the girl. I think the point in where he failed beyond return was when he walked off by himself into the terminal. I reckon if he waited for her, Mio would’ve totally went onto the plane with him and begin their relationship. But Shu just left so Ren could do something to get Mio back again. Shu just never learns… and then he sits there and mopes about why he doesn’t get the girl. Heh.

O-oh yeah, Ren’s confession to Mio was manly and cute and awesome. If any guy is reading this, look up what he did and YOU WILL GET YOUR GIRL.

One of the part that I thought was really cute was the

“I’ll only say this once so listen carefully.” 

line. This was done while he had wrapped her in a hug and then he said CLEARLY AND SIMPLY, so she won’t misunderstand (because she is SO DENSE)

“I love you.”

Awwww, isn’t that cute? (and calculating too; he had just pulled the aeroplane/star stunt AND he had pulled her into a hug so she wouldn’t run away before he got to finish.) There is no room for any misinterpretation. Unlike Shu, stooopid Shu. He was going to bring her to his parents before he even told her he liked her. Too many he and hers, how confusing.

Yeah well anyways, Ren pulled a smooth move and Shu is left in the dust. Yuki, you will never win Mio’s affections but I love you. ❤ (as long as you fix your teeth.)

I’m brutal and mean.

Have a nice day. >:D

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