Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (R2)コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ

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One of my all time favorite animes. =.= I was infatuated with Lelouch. I had him for my cellphone wallpaper, display picture and my desktop wallpaper. I love animes when they have an evil genius (Byronic) protagonist. I’m going to write the two seasons in one blog to save time and be more of a convenience to people who will read it (if any).

Code Geass

Episodes: 25


The holy empire of Britannia conquered and empowered Japan renaming the country and the people into “Elevens”. The ‘Eleven’s are forced to live in ghetto-like buildings where the Britannia residents get to live in first class residence. A prince from the holy empire of Britannia, named Lelouch swore revenge against his father because he failed to prevent the assassination attempt on his mother which also left his younger sister crippled and psychologically blind.

Seven years later Lelouch encounters and gets mixed up with some ‘terrorists’ that are rebuking Britannia. There he meets a strange, mysterious girl that gives him a special ability called “Geass”. With the power, Lelouch begins to form a rebellion to complete two things; to avenge for his mother and construct a happy world in where his sister can peacefully live in.

(Personal) Character sypnosis

Lelouch Lamperouge:

Lelouch the protagonist is my favourite evil genius of all times. Lelouch is the son of the emperor Charles vi Britannia making him blue blood. Before he renounced his entitlement to the throne, he was the seventeenth in line. His father banished him and his sister, Nunnali to Japan using them a political hostages. Lelouch’s weakness is his sister Nunnali, he cares deeply for her. Perhaps Nunnali is the only one stopping him from becoming a ‘demon king’. >_<

Lelouch hates sports and possess almost no stamina and agility. He’s always last. In the second season he has to take additional classes but always skips them. 😀

Lelouch is portrayed to be someone who is very good at domestic skills, eg, cooking and sewing (I like him with his pink apron on). He claims that everyone in the student council is a bad cook but that’s just because no one can meet his picky requirements (measuring ingredients to exactly three significant figures =.=)

Lelouch’s geass is the power of receiving ‘absolute obedience’. Once he commands a person to do something while using his geass, no one can resist (sad thing, what happened to Euphie T__T). When rebuking against Britannia, Lelouch dons a mask and addresses himself as Zero.

Suzaku Kururugi

Suzaku was the prime minister’s son whose existence was kept private until after the war. Suzaku is best friends with Lelouch, though at first he despised Lelouch and his sister at first when they went to live with him, he believed Lelouch was a snobbish prince that didn’t care for anyone. They separated when Britannia invaded Japan and re-meet years after.

Suzaku is almost the opposite of Lelouch, he is athletic and uses his emotions rather than intellect to make his decisions. With a twist of fate, Suzaku fights Zero every single time, not knowing it is Lelouch and it is only towards the end does he suspect and find out that Zero, his enemy is his best friend, Lelouch.

C.C (Shi-tzu?)

CC is not CC’s real name and it still has not been revealed, in the anime. However while she was sleeping she reveals her name to Lelouch.

CC is an immortal who does outwardly appears as a teenager, around 16 years of age. She becomes Lelouch’s protégé when setting a contract with him. CC is partial to pizza especially for pizza hut ( she uses Lelouch’s money) 🙂 She carries around Cheese-kun a mascot in Japan. Her love for pizza made her willing to take the risk of capture simply to get a slice of getting a large slice of pizza made by the student council, (it failed twice >__<) Lelouch refers her as the “Pizza Girl” or “Witch”.

Second season

Known as: R2


Lelouch loses his memory and forgets anything that relates with geass, he has also ‘forgotten’ his sister Nunnali, in her place is a fake brother that goes by the name “Rolo”. The series is more about the Geass rather than fighting, but that’s fine with me. 🙂 Just as long as I get to see Lelouch.

Heaps of people die in the second season, and I don’t like how I don’t understand the plot too well, so i like the first season better.


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