Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – Hyde’s version

June 1, 2013 at 10:17 am | Posted in Music | Leave a comment
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For extra fun, listen to the song while reading my blog.

Basically, I usually can’t stand it when Hyde sings English. I have a really strong thing for pronunciation. So I really wished he would stick to Japanese. But this song is perfect for him. Ho ho. Is it bad I like this version more than the Beatle’s one?

I like how there’s a breakdown and then it speeds up in the end. And I think because this was made on a later date, I prefer the instrumental to the original. It sounds thicker? Or maybe it appeals more to my more youthful ears.

Anyways, this song is epic in its own right. Better introduce this song to more friends so they’ll sing with me next time we go karaoke.


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