Dead (pretended to be dead) Code Geass Characters

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I’ve decided to compile a list of dead Code Geass characters and the ones that pretend to die.

I’ll list how they died and stuff (thought it might be my OWN interpretation)

This is a rather superfluous comment but, spoilers ahead.

Prince Clovis


The first person to die (not counting the soldiers that Lulu killed in the first ep). Don’t really know much about him, apart from the fact that he doesn’t care about ruling the country and concentrates more on parties and stuff.

Killed by Lelouch.  Dies in Episode 3 if my memory serves me correctly.

Mao (my favorite insane person in this series)

After Lulu orders the police to shoot him down for stealing C.C off him.

And we thought it was the end of that and he died.

BUT NO, he comes back alive to kidnap Nunnali, seeking revenge. Unfortunately Lulu only said ‘shoot’ and not ‘kill’ when ordering the policemen to kill Mao.

His grand scheme fails and C.C shots him down with a silent pistol telling him to wait for him in the world of C.

Dies in episode 14 if I’m not mistaken, correct me if I am wrong.

Euphemia ( the only one in the royal family that wasn’t insane)

Wah, the way she died was soo sad, and it was all because of an ACCIDENT. Why out of all times did Lelouch have to choose to joke? T_T

After falling under Lelouch’s geass to kill all the Japanese, Lelouch is forced to shoot her down.

Died in episode 23.

Shirley Fennette (almost cried when she died)

Shirley after ‘forgetting’ Lelouch many times she still managed to fall in love with him again. When in the second season she found out that Lelouch is indeed Zero she decided to support him. Rolo finds her and shoots her.

Lelouch finds her dying on the floor and she confesses to him while she dies in his arms despite Lelouch desperately commanding her to live with his Geass. (That part was soo sad, did anyone felt like crying then?)

Dies in episode 13 of season 2.


She doesn’t die, but then it SEEMED like she did. But then again, heaps of the Code Geass characters never stay dead.

Supposedly caught in the FLEIA explosion, but somehow got out of it because of a decoy ship and the assistance of a ninja maid. (Woop go Sayoko).


Was supposed to be dead, caught in the FLEIA explosion but then was put into a decoy ship. Saved Nunnali too. I find ninja maids awesome and also I like the fact how she got Lelouch a reputation of a womanizer.

When I saw her come out alive my first thought : ‘Oh good, she survived’ then ‘wow they just keep coming back’


I was suprised he lived, cause cleary he was caught in the FLEIA explosion thing. He seems relativately unharmed, except for the fact that he has sunglasses now. (Does that mean he’s blind?)


He dies while trying to save Lelouch, throughout the whole way he really thought that Lelouch was not using him and actually cared for him.

I felt kinda sorry for him, he was so nice to Lelouch and tried so hard, but Lelouch used him till the end.

Dies in episode 19


I’m pretty sure Charles actually liked V.V and wasn’t just using him, but meh. He died giving the code to Charles while he was still injured by Cornelia maiming him.

I still don’t get why he’s so short and why he looks like a girl. Oh well.

V.V dies in episode Episode 14

Charles vi Britannia

I’m wondering how old this guy must be… And when he fathered Lelouch,  >-< Charles was SUPPOSEDLY immortal, but then he died. Actually he didn’t really die, Lelouch wished him away.

Despite him supposedly being the evil villan Lulu must destroy i can’t take him seriously, just look at the hair! 😀 Instead of concentrating on destroying the world etc.  he should concentrate on getting a new hair stylist.

Dies in episode episode 21

Marianne (Lulu and Nunnali’s mum)Code Geass R2

Despite dying before the story actually starts she comes back ‘alive’ near the end of the series. Sealing her soul into Anya’s mind is a little bit far-fetched even for me. She can materialize in the the Ragnarök temple thing, but then Lulu wishes her away as well.

Dies before the series, really goes away in episode 23

Cornelia (aka the purple hair witch)

After finally realizing her brother, Schneizel, is a villan she tries to stop him. At the first sign of betrayal Schneizel (this action is kinda cool, i must admit) clicks his fingers and Cornelia is machine-gunned down. Miraclously all the guns shots miss her vital organs and her spine. She wakes up in the hospital with Guildford by her side and she is relatively unscathed.

Kururugi Suzaku

He was fighting Kallen in the last episode and was defeated by her (woop!). I never believed for a second he died. Anyways he comes back and stabs Lelouch, the final part of the plan to get world peace.

Lelouch (I don’t think he died)

Lelouch’s death is probably the one of the most controversial issues in this series. Some of the reasons why i don’t think he died.

1. He’s the main character, and knowing Lelouch he can fake death if he can fake his voice so that even his sister wouldn’t recognize him. (He’s to pro to die anyway.)

2. When he talks to Suzaku (where he hands over the Zero mask), he said “all i have to do is disappear to break the chain of hatred” he did not say ‘die’. My Japanese isn’t the best in the world but i can tell the difference between the word ‘die’ and ‘disappear’. 😛

3. I read someone’s forum and it said that Lelouch was in the bag that C.C was carrying with on the cart. (compact, ROFL).

Some reasons i think are not applicable:

1. Nunnali touching Lelouch’s hand and ‘seeing’ all his memories.( Therefore saying he gained immortality.)

Nunnali could always read people’s minds and emotions when she touched people’s hands. Now that she’s can see she it’s not surprising if she get actual images.

2. Lack of blood on Zerozaku’s sword.

This is anime people, they don’t have to animate every single droplet of blood!

3. Orange-kun letting Zerozaku stab Lelouch because he knows Lelouch will get out unharmed.

I think this is rubbish. It’s true that Orange-kun fights to protects Lelouch’s life, but i think that if Lelouch told him that he NEEDED to die and he’s doing it for world peace he would oblige and give in.

4. C.C addressing Lelouch in the last scene.

Kallen was talking to Lelouch as well, and C.C was facing the sky so she could be talking to Lelouch ‘up there’.

Well that sums up most of the characters that died in this series. If i missed anyone do tell me, it would be appreciated.


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