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July 6, 2013 at 12:31 pm | Posted in Music | Leave a comment
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I’ve never had a problem with listening to music ‘not in a language I can understand.’ This is mainly because aside from musicals, most pronunciation in English songs aren’t that great, and I have to look up what the lyrics say or make up my own lyrics to sing along anyways *cough FALL OUT BOY* I find that I catch Japanese best, but then hey, they have less sounds!

I digress. The point is that this free-for-all attitude I hold towards music lets me listen to other languages while quite a lot of my friends feel that it’s impossible to listen to a language different from the one they can speak.

I was watching a Bollywood film with one of my (half) Indian friends. This is one of the songs from the movie “Three Idiots.” I totally recommend you to watch it… as long as long as you love Bromance and people bursting into song instead of making out. 😀

This song is real snazzly. Me like.


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