Takahashi Yuu – Bowling 高橋優 ボーリング

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My friend sent me a song. Currently what I feel like right now. Exams are in two weeks and I am so behind. I need to get an A average to get into second year of law. Don’t know if I can. So studying sucks, since I’m putting in effort without knowing that I’ll get what I need. .___. Basically this song is about how he wishes the world would run his way, and how he wishes to be over-achieving without working hard. Dunno if that’s your dream, but that’s mine! -thumbs up!- I guess this is a song full of first world problems, but it really holds true to my heart.

I translated my own lyrics, hopefully they’re right…


あぁ面倒臭ぇ! 朝起きなきゃならないのが

Oh it sucks! Having to get up in the morning!
面倒臭ぇ! 二度寝をしなきゃならないのに

Oh it sucks! I want to continue sleeping!
面倒臭ぇ! 布団の温度は丁度いいのに 夢の続きが気になるのに

Oh it sucks! The temperature of the bed is perfect. I wanted to find out what happened in the dream next.

面倒臭ぇ! 仕事にいかなきゃならないのが
Oh it sucks! Having to go to work!
面倒臭ぇ! 行けば行ったで頑張るんだけど
Oh it sucks! If I went, I would have given it my best but

頭も痛ぇ! 今日だけあそこの職場が 消滅しちまえばいいのに
my head hurts!  Just for today I wish my workplace could just disappear!

I want to eat yummy meals without having to work for them

I want to sleep on a soft bed without working hard.
If only the world would spin
just for my own convenience, how great would that be!

あぁ面倒臭ぇ! 話を合わさなきゃならないのが
Oh, it sucks! Having to watch what I say,
面倒臭ぇ! つまんないのに面白いふりすんのが
Oh it sucks! Having to pretend I’m having fun even though I’m bored!
嘘臭ぇ! 君やいつものあいつらと ボーリングに行きたいのに
I’m full of lies! I just wanted to go bowling with you and the others!

面倒臭ぇ! 生きていかなきゃならないのは
Oh it sucks! Having to live!
面倒臭ぇ! 心配事や難しいことが
It sucks! Worrisome things and hardships
絶え間ねぇ! 君を悲しませる人全て 滅亡してくれりゃいいのに
Never end! If only all those who make me sad could disappear!

I want to be in the elite class without having to go mad.
If that happens I want to give you an amazing present
君にだけ都合のいいように 人類が動いてくれりゃいいのに
If only everyone could move to your convenience

I want to become a professional without the hard work
I want to love  without getting hurt
僕らにだけ都合のいいように 全宇宙が団結してくれりゃいいのに
If only the whole universe could contrive to fit my own convenience!



Aa mendoukusee! asa oki nakya naranai no ga
Mendokusee! nidone wo shinakya naranai no ni
Mendokusee! futon no ondo wa choudo ii no ni yume no tsuzuki ga ki ni naru no ni

Mendokusee! shigoto ni ikanakya naranai no ga
Mendokusee! ikeba itta de ganbaru ndakedo
Atama mo itee! kyou dake asoko no shokuba ga shoumetsu shichimaeba ii no ni

Hatarakanakute mo oishii gohan ga tabetai
Ganbaranakute mo yawarakai beddo de nemuritai
Boku ni dake tsugou no ii you ni
Sekai ga mawatte kurerya ii no ni

Aa mendoukusee! hanashi wo awasanakya naranai no ga
Mendokusee! tsumannai no ni omoshiroi furi sun no ga
Uso kusee! kimi ya itsumo no aitsura to booringu ni ikitai no ni

Mendokusee! ikite ikanakya naranai no wa
Mendokusee! shinpaigoto ya muzukashii koto ga
Taemanee! kimi wo kanshimaseru hito subete metsubou shite kurerya ii no ni

Okorarenakute mo eriito kurasu de aritai
Soshitara kimi ni suteki na purezento wo agetai
Kimi ni dake tsugou no ii you ni jinrui ga ugoite kurerya ii no ni

Doryoku shinakute mo purofesshonaru ni naritai
Kizutsukenakute mo aishiaeru hito de aritai
Bokura ni dake tsugou no ii you ni zenuchuu ga danketsu shite kurerya ii no ni






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