Deathbed Relient K

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Something I just started singing while I was driving, a song I haven’t heard in ages. It’s like an epic poem. 🙂


Chainsaw – Family Force 5

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I love this group. Though I must admit, it’s another group I like live better. HULK HANDS hurrrr. A youtuber I really like directed this video so there’s even more awesome in it.

When it was first released, I didn’t like it, but then it really had a way of getting stuck in my head. I especially like the second verse, ie. the “fresh flannel shirt, country bumpkin.” part. Then they go “nyan nyan nyan,” it sounded like a cat so I can’t stop singing that phrase to  myself.



Nyan nyan nyan nyan!

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

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This is one of my favorite song of her songs, even though it’s not ‘her song’ per say. Today it was super rainy (it’s winter where I live) and this song was just nice to lay in bed and listen to. Another song that I love from Winehouse is “Love is a losing game.” The part where she sang “so professed, profound.” -hold still my heart-


On a completely different note and genre, A7x is releasing their album soon. I am expecting wonderful things from them even though I wasn’t particularly impressed with “Hail to the King.” I adored the guitar parts and the bass was nice, the melody for vocals was kind of too monotoned for my liking though. The drums didn’t demand my attention like they did with “Welcome to the Family” or “A little Piece of Heaven.” Maybe it’ll grow on me.



Sweet Soul Music

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Usually, I like rock. Like stuff that gets my blood pumping, but I really really love this song. ‘Cause seriously, what band uses the double bass to play the bass anymore? o.o

I saw Newworldson live once and I have to say, they are much, much better live than recording. (But this is still good, promise.)

Anyways, this song is really, really chill and has a great singalongability. 😀


Lorde is my bias

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She is epic. 

Listen to her stuff here:

Normally, I don’t listen to female artists, but she’s so amazing. Hur hur. I think I’m in love all her songs (though there are only about five of them right now…) 

Oh yeah, she’s 16 and lives in NZ (where I live!)

And I think one of the most commendable things is that she writes her songs. 

I approve. 🙂



Zoobi Doobi

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I’ve never had a problem with listening to music ‘not in a language I can understand.’ This is mainly because aside from musicals, most pronunciation in English songs aren’t that great, and I have to look up what the lyrics say or make up my own lyrics to sing along anyways *cough FALL OUT BOY* I find that I catch Japanese best, but then hey, they have less sounds!

I digress. The point is that this free-for-all attitude I hold towards music lets me listen to other languages while quite a lot of my friends feel that it’s impossible to listen to a language different from the one they can speak.

I was watching a Bollywood film with one of my (half) Indian friends. This is one of the songs from the movie “Three Idiots.” I totally recommend you to watch it… as long as long as you love Bromance and people bursting into song instead of making out. 😀

This song is real snazzly. Me like.

Vampire Knight Ending

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This post contains spoilers and ranting. You have been warned.

Context: I stopped reading VK quite a while ago because it got too messy, at first I skimmed read it and only paid attention the Shiki Rima parts but then they got less and less screen time so eventually I just gave up.

I did however, read the last chapter twice. It was because it was so unbelievable. ARGH. Seriously. One tiny picture of my OTP walking together hand in hand is supposed to satisfy my fangirl dreams?!

Well, at least I know my OTP (sort of) got together. Because WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED IN THE LOVE TRIANGLE YUUKIxKANAMExZERO???

In the end, Kaname throws himself in fire and gives Zeki his blessing. And man, I feel like Zero has been abused too much. I can’t remember half the shit he’s been through and I still think he’s been through a lot. Why does he have to beg Yuuki to stay with him? And in the end when he died and Yuuki gave her life to Kaname. DOES THAT MEAN IT WAS ALL A LIE?! I feel so betrayed by Yuuki. She’s kind of a jerk. In fact, she seems like the bad-guy who plays with the main girl’s heart. Heck, it makes Zero the heroine who gets played. Now that I think about it, he’s makes a much better main character than Yuuki. I mean, I haven’t read the manga for ages, but I’m pretty sure he’s THE Vampire Knight, right? The series is called Vampire Knight.

Anyways. Though I’m definitely more of a Zeki fan, I think the Yuname(?) Kaki(?) pairing won out. It was kind of sly of Kaname to throw himself into the fire. Because then Yuuki would always choose him because he was no longer a choice. Hmm… yup. Zero, if you wanted to win, you should have jumped in too.

And what was up with the ending? Why did Yuuki want Kaname to live as a human (to die and grow old) ALONE? Has something changed? I thought Kaname held an undying love for Yuuki and without her, the world would mean nothing? Why would he want to live if there was no Yuuki in the world?

So yup. It’s been a long road. I remember when Vampire Knight was extremely epic and I almost screamed when each new episode/chapter came out.

Maybe I’m getting too old for shoujo manga. But that being said, I am completely in love with Ookami Shoujo to Kuro-Ouji. The guy is such a dick and the girl is stupid. But then somehow they work out. Maybe it’s because I can’t stop laughing at how the guy reacts to the girl’s stupidity. He does really irrational things and somehow puts up with the girl in the most hilarious ways.  -SPOILERS-

That being said, I really like the girl (even though she’s stupid.) She’s passionate and instead of wondering about whether or not the main guy likes her, she goes straight up and asks him. ISN’T THAT AWESOME? I really dislike reading chapters of internalizing about whether or not some other character holds feelings for them. Just ask them, it’s not like you’re confessing to them!! That, and also because she has a sense of pride. When the main guy became too mean, she quickly quit playing his game. I was amazed because I thought she was going to be the desperate type and cling and cling and cling onto him.

I really commend her! And I liked how she tried to move on to someone else. Albeit that didn’t work out, but she was quick to stop leading second guy on. But seriously, shoujo mangas make it sound like you have one shot in loving someone and after that it’s impossible to fall in love with someone else. *Cough Aoharu. SERIOUSLY FORGET KOU AND DATE KUCHIKI!!!* And even though ultimately she and the guy got together, it wasn’t because she forgave him unconditionally… (sort of) it was due to the fact that the guy had to show some form of affection to her. Which made me approve with her getting back with him.

And the poor boy does try. He’s so used to being a jerk. But you can see character development. He’s not that mean… anymore, now he’s kinda stupid too. But in the endearing way. Right now, they’re my favorite BAKA-couple. This is a scene where the guy isastounded by the girl’s stupidity… but then does the same thing to stop her. hahaha.



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Epic song. Makes me ‘waku waku’ and brightens my day in these horrible exam-ing periods.


I love the lyrics (I usually do for their songs.) This song is about how, convenient, awesome, precious language is–to be able to convey our thoughts and listen to others on anything and everything. Basically how THERE IS HOPE! (I like this type of lyric, stuff that has heaps of “if only”s depress me. *cough Acid Black Cherry*) Pretty much how even though nothing is ever going to be perfect, but we can talk and sort it out together.




I also really like the fact that in this world full of image-based artists etc etc. GReeeeN has somehow managed to contrive to stay out of that. Neither their names or faces are known publicly and they work as dentists. I find that so unbelievably awesome. I can imagine them fiddling with some patient’s teeth and their song comes on the radio… then they’re like “this song is pretty good, huh!” -smirks-

IU singing Put Your Records On

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I really really like IU’s version of Corinne Bailey Rae’s Put Your Records On. Hmm, what else can I say? Nothing too profound. Her voice is sweet and she’s pretty.

I like this song because my favorite teachers in intermediate, my music teacher and art teacher, sang this together at the school’s talent show many years ago. Brings me back to my sweet intermediate years.

And I don’t know if my teachers sang a PG version or something, but I always thought it was “sunburnt” instead of “sober” for the second verse. HAVE I BEEN FOOLED FOR ALL THIS TIME?

So, I decided to cover it! If you read any of my other posts, you can tell I’m a pretty big fan of music and I love criticizing singers. Now you can criticize me!

I don’t like the look of my face when I sing. I look like I need to poop. No need to scar people. Then I discovered (from FOB) the magic Soundcloud. If you can get through one minute of it without screaming or shutting off your speakers I would be happy. 😀

Here’s the link: ->Click for Magical Rainbows<-

I directly sang with IU’s cover, so if you hear screaming in the background, no one’s getting murdered. And partially because I have no idea when to come in with instrumentals. 

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – Hyde’s version

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For extra fun, listen to the song while reading my blog.

Basically, I usually can’t stand it when Hyde sings English. I have a really strong thing for pronunciation. So I really wished he would stick to Japanese. But this song is perfect for him. Ho ho. Is it bad I like this version more than the Beatle’s one?

I like how there’s a breakdown and then it speeds up in the end. And I think because this was made on a later date, I prefer the instrumental to the original. It sounds thicker? Or maybe it appeals more to my more youthful ears.

Anyways, this song is epic in its own right. Better introduce this song to more friends so they’ll sing with me next time we go karaoke.

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